Brides…I’m about to save your brain!

‘Whoever said, “Planning your wedding is the best time of your life” was on some serious drugs”‘ – Someecards

How many times have you wanted to scream or felt overwhelming panic because you just couldn’t keep track of everything you are spending on the Wedding?  I had a LOT of those moments!  It’s not just the sheer amount of money that you’re spending on the wedding, it’s the amount of different people that you have to pay as well.  The majority of companies will ask for a deposit initially and then ask for the final balance 6 weeks before the wedding, so you end up paying out god knows how many thousands of pounds all in one go *feels faint*

It was all getting on top of me, and Lee was getting stressed about it too.  I had a lightbulb moment…I saw down in my office and opened up the spreadsheet software and began putting everything into it.  Now, I am really bad at maths (even though I got a ‘C’ at GCSE – that was a long time ago now) so I put in all of the coding so that it would work it out for me.  Brilliant!

A couple of weeks later I went for a coffee with Liam from Attract to have a catch up, and he asked about the Wedding.  I was so proud of my spreadsheet that I was like “Look, look what I’ve done” haha.  He looked at me, and I could see a lightbulb come on above his head…”Brilliant!  You should give this to all of your Brides, they’ll love it!” Why didn’t I think of that?  so Liam made it look a bit more pretty and we changed a few bits and bobs on it before I got in touch with all of my Brides to let them know about it.

You can download it too, for FREE!  Think of it as a gift from me *smiles*

Pop over to my website to download the ‘Stress-free Wedding Workbook‘.  You will NOT regret it!

Let me know how you get on with it, and if there is anything I could change about it to make it better for you, just let me know 🙂

Much Love x



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