My January Round Up

Yes, I have been trying to be really good and upload a cover video every Thursday, and so far I have been successful for…erm, 2 weeks.  Ok, so not so good in January.  But February is already looking good and I can’t wait for you to pop by each Thursday to see what I have posted.

Here are my January video’s:

‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ is still one of my favourite songs to play.  It was one of the first songs that I leaned off by heart when I was fifteen years old and even more special to me now.  A few years back I was performing for a Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital Charity Ball and Katy Melua (who sang ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’) was in the Audience.  She sprung up and asked one of the organisers if she could perform a song on stage, and which song did she pick?…you guessed it!  Flawless, it was absolutely flawless.  Her voice was perfectly angelic.  So this song will always remain one of my favourites.

When I was fifteen a man called Chris Caress saw me busking in Doncaster Town Centre and asked if I would perform at the ‘Sheffield Festival of Light’ at Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground (I can hear booing over there…don’t hate me, I’m not a football fan).  I walked out into the middle of the football pitch and performed in front of 10,000 people and it was incredible…completely electric! ‘The Rose’ by Bette Midler is a beautiful song and was one that I played that evening.  I think it was on the film ‘Beaches’ but I might be making that up haha.

Yes, it’s the Spice Girls.  I simply had to post this because theirs was the first ever concert I went to.  I knew all of the songs and all of the dances and I am not ashamed to say it haha. In primary school we even had a Spice Girls Tribute band (I was baby spice – I had white blonde hair when I was little)…I know…so cool *rolls eyes*

Well that’s it for my January round up!

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