The Significance of No.27

Admittedly I am superstitious.  But not about your typical old wives tales superstitions, simply just about the No.27.

Funnily when I thought about writing this blog, I googled ‘Superstitions’ and found a write up on Wedding superstitions which I didn’t even know existed.  I got completely drawn in when I read it haha.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and the No.27 is held as a sign within my family.

1927 – My Paternal Grandmother was born

27th Day – My Paternal Grandfather died

27th Day – I was born

LS27 – My Maternal Family Post Code

27 – The final number when adding up the date and time of death of my Mother (this ones a bit much, I know)

**:27hours – Whenever I glance at the clock, it’s always 27 minutes past the hour (spooky)

Now No.27’s relating to my relationship…

27th Day – The Birthday of Lee’s Grandfather

27 – Final numbers of my Fiances 16 digit number

27th Day – *Written by Lee* I noticed Alexandra in a bar & although we’d met before it was at that moment that I realised that I needed to be with her and that I should have asked her out sooner

27th Day – My Fiancé and I bought our wedding rings

*27 – The final digits of my Fiance’s old phone number

27th Day – Our Wedding Date

27th Day – My Fiance’s Brothers birthday

I find all this sort of stuff really interesting so decided to do some research into numerology and found ‘The 27 Club’ which was a bit unnerving so I am wrapping myself in bubble wrap until 27th September this year to ensure that I reach the age of 28 haha.

So when some of my future blogs lead with the No.27, now you’ll know why 🙂

The next blog to come is “27 Wedding Suppliers You Need to Know About”

Love you all ❤ xxx ❤



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