14.11.15 Mr & Mrs Greenwood marry at Langar Hall

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew” (William Shakespeare)

It seemed that Friday the 13th’s bad luck had delayed itself especially for me.  I will admit that my life at times is a sequence of embarrassing moments and unfortunate mishaps, but today topped it all, and was NOT embarrassing.  It was frightening!

I had never been to Langar Hall before but had a nosey on the website.  Colette (the Bride) was in a bit of a pickle with her music so I promised that I would get there 2 hours before the wedding was due to begin to sort it out.  Her mum who was a ballet teacher had sadly passed away two years ago and to include her mum in the day, she wanted me to play some ballet music.  We found that with some old classical music, there could be a name for one, but actually 10 pieces of classical music have that name haha.  I wanted her to hear them so that we both knew it was the exact piece of music that she liked.

“I held my hand on my horn…”

So 12noon came, the car was packed and off I went.  It was a lovely leisurely drive as I’d given myself a good 2 hours to make a 1hr 30min journey.  Then, something unexpected happened.  I was driving down worksop road in Nottinghamshire, having passed the Clumber Park Hotel on my left, in the distance I could see the right turn for Centre Parcs.  I was on the single lane carriageway, there was a BMW estate in the right turn lane.  I was pootling along at 45-50mph.  With no warning, that car began pulling out into my lane, at speed…I held my hand on my horn (no innuendo intended here haha)…I had no where to go, with forestry to my left and this car on my right getting closer, my heart was in my mouth, I could hear my heart beating.  I thought, “I can’t swerve, I’m just going to have to slam on the breaks and hope for the best”…I missed him by what must have been an inch as he pulled into another right turn area in the middle of the road.  My god, I was in such shock.  If I hadn’t have been going to a wedding, I would have stopped to give him a piece of my mind haha…lucky for him.

This is my “I’m happy to be alive and at Langar Hall ready to perform” face…

Oh I got lost on the way there too haha, the sat nav said no.  It wasn’t an easy place to find, but when I did…oh my…it’s beautiful.  Hidden behind a really cute church.

Today’s wedding was an intimate one, with 26 guests.  It was so cosy, relaxed and romantic.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here’s the ceremony room…

The whole place was candle lit which was perfect because as they got married at 3:30pm, it began to get dark.

Before I got changed ready for the day, I trotted up to Colette’s Bridal Suite to go through the music with her.  It turned out, that I had never met her before which is extremely rare.  She made her final decision 🙂 it was a great one.  Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for walking down the aisle, for the signing of the register it was Chi Mai, and Pachelbels Kanon, and then for the exit of the married couple, The Nutcracker March.

It was time to get changed.  I had bought a pair of tights from the shop on my way to Langar Hall.  I like wearing tights, they just make legs look nicer.  I rolled them down and popped my left foot in…as I pulled them up my legs, my finger went through the left ankle and ripped right the way up *slaps forehead*.  So today was a no tights day.  There was another lady in the toilets having not such a great time, bless her, suffering with morning sickness.  She felt awful, but looked incredible.  She was really super beautiful.


The ceremony was beautiful.  I loved the way that the now Mr & mrs Greenwood looked at each other.  There was nothing but pure love and happiness between them.  Their eyes twinkles as they smiled at each other.  Colette has a very gentle persona and I found that they both are really warm people.  They treat me like a member of their family which was really lovely, especially having never met them before.

I moved my equipment and played in the hall for the Drinks Reception.  I avoided jazz and swing as requested.  I’m not a fan of jazz or swing myself to listen to, to be honest but I do enjoy playing the genre.  It’s very cheery and makes me want to dance haha, but to dance like an old person haha.  There really is no other way of dancing to that style of music haha.


As the guests saw down for the Wedding Breakfast, I knew that it was dinner time for me.  The staff at Langar hall were amazing.  The photographer, (Gary from One Love) and I had our own private dining room 😀 we were presented with our 2 course meal with tea and petit fours to follow.  Well, I felt like I’d come from a third world country into the land of luxury haha.  Having been without a kitchen for 2 weeks (no oven or hob either) and being a big eater myself, I couldn’t possibly have appreciated this meal any more than I did.  By god, was it beautiful?!  I wished that I had taken a photo but I was too keen haha.  Here are some photo’s from their website to give you an idea…
langar hall food langar hall food 2

I met the head chef.  I’d like him to move into my house haha.  Everything was so delicious that if they kept putting courses n front of me, I would have kept eating haha.  I will most definitely be returning, just for dinner.

After a mouth watering dinner, I returned back to the hall to perform until 8:15pm for the evening guests arriving.  I conversed afterwards with some of the guests who were all really warm, lovely people.

I have to say that my experience at Langar Hall was beyond expectations.  The staff were some of the friendliest, down to earth, heart warming people that I have probably ever worked with while maintaining true professionalism, and I really hope to be returning in the near future.



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  1. it was lovely to meet you Alex 🙂 x

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