13.11.15 HTAFC Catwalk

“I found myself in Wonderland” (Alice in Wonderland)

It was an early start.  My dad came with me as general roadie and sound engineer 😀 I could NOT have done it without him.  The event was the final Ladies Lunch Fashion Show for Huddersfield Town Foundation, and it was going to be incredible.  Mandy Taylor was the event planner and organiser, so I knew that it would be nothing short of spectacular. Hmmm might have to get her on board as wedding planner/director 😉

Mandy and I first met when she was the events manager at Bibi’s Italian in Leeds when I was booked for a private 21st Birthday party with Stavros Flatley, what a night.  This lady has since done incredible work for some amazing charities, including ridiculously long bike rides that, just thinking about makes me sweat. There really is nothing that this lady can’t do.

Here she is (lady on the left)…

fashion 15

Luckily there were no moments like these…no.4 is my favourite haha…

The journey to Berties in Elland (halifax) for a short one as we had stayed in Wakefield the night before 🙂  Here I am on the way there in the morning…dad was driving

fashion 7

It was absolutely throwing it down with rain all day which meant that while taking equipment in, I gradually begun to resemble a drowned rat haha.  I wasn’t sure if there would be hair and makeup artists back stage, there usually is, but you never know.  There wasn’t, luckily I had packed my hair and makeup stuff, including my hair rollers 😀 so they went in and worked their magic while I set up and sound checked.  I think it’s called, doing it like the scousers.

fashion 4

All of the models were volunteers, and there were some very beautiful girls.  Everybody got on like a house on fire which just made it even more fun.

First I was performing in the entrance for the guests arriving.  I was supposed to perform in the entrance for the guests arriving for 45mins, then do a solo performance on the catwalk in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style dress, and finally the Bridal Scene, wearing a wedding dress.  For this reason, Lee (my fiancé) was instructed to stay at home and not look at the Facebook photos haha (bad luck and all that).  I was wearing the Sherri Hill dress that I had chosen for my first bit, “Wow is that what you’re wearing for the bridal scene?” The bridal lady asked.  It turned out that the bridal shop stocked Wedding dresses beginning at size 12 😦 I’m a 6-8.  So my dress sequence changed haha.

Here I am in the entrance performing for the arriving guests (my Alice in Wonderland Themed dress)…

fashion 20

I saw so many people that I knew from previously doing events for Mandy 🙂 it always makes an event so much more fun for me as it’s like a party with friends and family haha

When the guests had made their way upstairs to the ballroom, I dashed backstage to prepare for the first scene.  Mandy had asked me to perform Allegretto originally by Bond.  It’s her favourite.  Here I am smashing Allegretto to bits…



This dress is also from the Sherri Hill Collection ❤ ok, so now you know that I love sherri Hill, and Louboutin haha

For some reason, I found it really emotional, the whole show really.  I think about my mum a lot when I’m on stage, the way that I feel when I’m performing and just think, God, it’s so sad that she can’t experience this.  She would have LOVED it.  I miss her cheering me on and doing silly dances while I practise, she was funny 🙂

I left the stage with a little tear in my eye and returned backstage for the next change…The Bridal Scene.  The other Sherri Hill dress which I was armed with does look rather bridal, so that was my back up dress.  One of the ladies in charge of dressing models decided that I needed bridalling up (not like a horse) so she popped a crystal hair piece and veil in my hair.

fashion 13


I liked it haha.  This is the dress that I got stuck in at the Mercure launch and had to be cut out of :/ Ruth from The Little Sewing Shack fixed it for me 🙂

The next scene felt and looked incredible.  We had learnt the choreography and rehearsed it in the morning a few times, so we were all really nervous about getting it right as there were so many of us involved in this scene.


Contact john@thelightmonkey.com
Contact john@thelightmonkey.com

I played Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone, another one of Mandy’s favourites, and my Mums favourite piece of music that I played.

Half way down the catwalk, one of the male models planted a kiss on one of the bridal models haha everyone gasped and there was an array of “oooOOOoooo”‘s around the room haha it was fantastic.

The day absolutely flew by.  I loved every second of it and I am so sad that it’s the last one.  Here are some more photo’s for you to nosey at 🙂



fashion 12

When we arrived home, I was so tired and needed my rest for Saturdays Wedding.  It was lovely to see my cat…Squidge 🙂 she was a stray who jumped through my window every night and curled up on my bed to sleep.

fashion 1




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