Diary of a Bride…(Week 1)

“Marriage must be a safe place for your hearts to walk around naked.”

This is the beginning of my ‘Wedding Planning’ Diary.  Welcome to my journey…our journey, letting you in on the good, the bad and the ugly haha.

Sunday 11th October

Wow, what an exhausting day.  I had no idea that excitement could be so tiring haha.  Here’s the blog about the proposal: “He Asked, I said Yes”

“My phone couldn’t even handle the excitement…”

From the moment that we got in the car to make the 4 hour journey home I was on the phone, ringing all of my family and friends.  No word of a lie, 9 hours later I was still on the phone.  My phone couldn’t even handle the excitement, I ended up sat on the floor in the hallway of my future parents-in-laws house with it on charge.  Here I am…
phone hallway

There was a moment of feeling immense stress when one of the girls, Amy, said “Oh my god, I better be the chief bridesmaid,” a look of fear crossed my face, oh god, I have to choose bridesmaids and ultimately tell one girl that I love her more than the others by asking her to be my chief bridesmaid/maid of honour 😦 I love them all the same, for completely different reasons, how on earth was I going to choose?!

Here’s me and Amy on Birthday this year 😀 a bouncy castle was the first thing I booked for the party haha

“Pinterest…a necessary evil…”

1am me and Lee practically crawled up the stairs to bed, but I just couldn’t sleep.  I was insanely tired but full of excitement.  He was up at 5am (on early’s at work this week) and was out like a light in a second.  I rolled over and reached for my phone…Pinterest…I love it, but now it is a necessary evil and manages to help my immensely amazing procrastination skills.  New pin board …CLOTHIER WEDDING…eeeeeeee I’m going to be a Clothier.  If Lee hadn’t have been asleep I would have been jumping on the bed with excitement haha.  I have little moments where I just can’t control the excitement and have to make high pitched noises haha.  Anyway…4:13am and I am still on Pinterest.  Click on either picture below to go to follow me on Pinterest…
pinterest pinterest2

Monday 12th October

“The date is set!”

Deep in sleep I felt a kiss on my cheek.  Lee was going to work.  Apparently in my sleepiness I still managed to get my left hand from under the covers and put my engagement ring in his face saying “kiss the ring” haha.  I don’t remember that at all.

Today I bought, as a surprise for Lee, http://www.mrandmrsclothier.co.uk and a matching email address 😀 ARGH I was so excited about it haha.  We will be able to use it to keep our guests updated on the wedding plans and other bits and pieces.  He couldn’t believe it when he got to mine and I told him haha.

We sat with a cuppa and chatted about a wedding date.  It dawned on me that I am booked 1-2 years in advance to perform at weddings so OUR wedding looked like a particularly long wait, and with wedding fairs coming up, I was going to get even more booked up.  “Lee, I think we’re going to have to choose a wedding date this week, otherwise we are going to end up waiting until 2018.”  Mind you, I’m taking bookings for 2018 already.  So out came the diaries, there was no chance for 2016, and 2017 was looking tight.  Lee picked a date, it’s a date that means something to us in some ways…we rang dad (who was working away) to ask what his thoughts were.  “Yep, sounds good to me!”

“I love this man.”

Say hi to Les Hizzett (photo below).  I met this wonderful man years and years ago when performing for a wedding and our paths crossed regularly as he is a Toast Master.  I always said that if I were to get married, he’d be the first person that I book…and that’s exactly what I did.  10pm “Les, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!” Haha.  We had a laugh and a joke because whenever we were working together he’d tell the guests that I had my eye on him and was going to kill off his wife so that we could marry haha of course he was only having a bit of fun. (and his wife is lovely.)

les hizzett

Tuesday 13th October

“We chatted and cried together.”

Well today was nothing short of emotional.  I visited one of my Mums best friends Ruth (Amy’d Mum) today to tell her the good news.  She was so overjoyed.  “You’re Mum would be so happy,” she cried.  I lost my Mum in February this year after becoming her full time carer.  She didn’t get the chance to meet Lee.  She would have loved him, I can see it in my mind right now, endless cups of tea and innocent flirting haha I wouldn’t have got a look in.

Ruth (CEO of The Little Sewing Shack) made such a wonderful offer which I gratefully took her up on.  She is going to be making the Bridesmaid dresses.  It means so much to me for one of my mums best friends to make such a wonderful gesture like this.

Here’s me and Ruth on my Birthday this year (NOTE: She matches the decorations haha) and my beautiful Mum…who she funnily also matches…

“EEEEEE I’m so excited” (Grandma Parker)

I rang my Grandma (Dads Mum) for a chin wag about the wedding plans, she is so ridiculosly excited.  “Grandma, I was wondering if you’d like to come wedding dress shopping with me?”  There was a pause, a family long one…bless her she was crying, “Well bugger me. Honest to God? Really?”  She was so overwhelmed. I can’t wait to take her to a Wedding Dress Appointment EEP.

Here’s Dad, Grandma and Me on a shopping trip at Costco – love it there

Wednesday 14th October

Gina (Smooch Rings) has been a huge support in my life as one of my best friends.  When my mum was ill, she took me under her wing and rather than just be a friend, she played a very motherly role too.  There was never a moment without her when I needed her.  What she did for me meant so much and I wanted to show her.  After I had taught my violin students, me and Lee popped over to see Gina and her Husband Chris (one of Lee’s best friends).  They went off and had some man time haha and left me and Gina girly talking.  I handed her a card which took me an age to write because I found putting my feelings into words so difficult.  Gina rarely cries…she cried ❤  I told her how much what she did for me meant, and asked her if she would step into my Mums role as Mother of the Bride.  I got a pretty big squeeze.  I love hugs.

Thursday 15th October

Lee kissed me on the cheek while I was asleep as he left for work…I still managed to stick my engagement ring in his face for a kiss haha again, I do NOT remember this.

Friday 16th October

“I’ve chosen my wedding shoes!!!”

Went shoe shopping with Dad today.  He wanted to buy me some Ugg Boots for my Birthday.  I found a pair of shoes and couldn’t resist taking a photo of them….I messaged Lee, “I’ve chosen my wedding shoes, they’re gorgeous!” with this photo…
wedding shoes

He was NOT impressed haha.  I’d started the ball rolling them for us sending ridiculous photos to each other about the wedding haha.

Week 2 coming soon…


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