Diary of a Bride…(Week 2)

“A successful Marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” (Mignon McLaughlin)

The first week of being engaged was so action packed, I can’t believe how many things we planned for the wedding.  Week 2 was equally as action packed…


Sunday 18th October

“I wanted to feel what the people in the photo were feeling”

denton hall wedding fair

I exhibited at Denton Hall Wedding Fair today, which is hosted by Brides Up North.  I love doing Julia’s wedding fairs, they are always amazing, for businesses and for Brides.  Lee came along to help me.  Dad said that I need to train him up if I’m going to marry him haha.  “Today is just for work, we can’t be wandering off to look at wedding stuff.” I instructed.  2:30pm came, the event quietened off, so I took Lee’s hand and off we went haha.  “So much for just a work day,” Lee laughed.

When we got back to Dad’s he had made us lamb dinner YUMMY, my dad does the best dinners ever!!!  Me & Lee had seen an amazing photographer today who I’ve known for a few years so we thought we should have a list of photographers to have a look at.  I wrote a good long list of all the amazing photographers that I know, and we managed to come up with our top 3, that we both loved.  “Right Dad, we have our top 3, come and help us choose!”

james revitt

It was SUCH a close call.  Every photographer has their own individual style, in all of the portfolio’s the photo’s were all incredible, we were just looking for the style that suited us.  When I looked at a photo, I wanted to feel what the people in the photo were feeling at the time.

We finally chose James Revitt (photo above), CEO of Flawless Photography.  I felt an emotion when I looked at every single one of his photo’s, and I love how they are all real moments, rather than posed photo’s.  So we gave him a call and arranged a meeting.

When Lee got back to his that night, he sent me a soppy message…

“I’m really looking forward to our future the wedding & making a home…I get excited at the thought of starting every day with you & that one day we’ll start the day as Mr & Mrs Clothier…”

❤ Love him ❤

Monday 19th October

So me and Lee don’t live together yet.  We’d like to live together before we get married rather than be married and living a part, so also on the list is a house search *grits teeth* Lee sent me a link today to a beautiful house, I had a nosey and it got my brain going.  Life couldn’t get any busier really but I’m loving every second.

“…I felt naked…”

We opened our first ever joint account today, it sounds so boring but I was really excited about it haha.  The bloke who we had the meeting with is also a wedding DJ on the side haha who knew.  After our names were legally joined in some sort of fashion, I popped across the road to have my engagement ring re-sized.  The man who served me told me that I’d performed at his wedding 7 years ago haha.  Although I had only had my engagement ring on for 8 days, but it felt so wrong leaving it behind.  I actually felt naked.


Lee came to my Dads when he finished work as we planned to do some internet venue searching.  You’d think that the amount of weddings that I have played at, that I would have a venue in mind, and I do.  There are so many beautiful places where I have performed, but I don’t really want to get married somewhere that I have done hundreds of weddings, simply because I feel like it would take the magic away.  Talk about limiting yourself!!! Haha.

“It was so frustrating”

We looked at so many venues, but when you look at the gallery, there aren’t photo’s of what the venue looks like, or the venue dressed for a wedding…it’s flipping head shots of brides and grooms.  It was SO frustrating.  Everyone says that we need to choose an area, write a list of venues and have a drive around for a day.  It’s so difficult for us to do that because I work weekends and Lee works mid week.  There is 1 day over the next 6 weeks in which we can do that haha and in all honesty we are panicking a little bit.  We could do with having one booked before xmas otherwise we may struggle.  If you have any English Wedding venue suggestions for us, please email gettingmarried@mrandmrsclothier.co.uk ARGH I KNOW, our own email address Haha.

me n lee

James Revitt (Flawless Photography) came over tonight to go over the details with us and for us to look through his portfolios.  I already knew him but Lee had never met him before, so it was nice to have a cuppa and chat for a couple of hours.  James said that he was so honoured that we had booked him because he knew how many photographers I had worked with over the years.

DAY 10
Tuesday 20th October

Began the guest list today…wow it’s long.  We only want to invite people to the wedding who not only do we love, but people that we are in touch with all of the time, you know, who are actually in our lives.  I didn’t realise how many people are in our lives haha.  I think we’ll have to revisit the list at a later date.

“We both fell in love.”

So the house that Lee sent me a link to yesterday…well I rang up and arranged a house viewing haha.  Well it WAS beautiful.  When Lee got home we jumped in the car and drove through to Epworth for the viewing.  The estate agent was late so we were sat on what could possibly be our drive way one day, for quite a while.  The second that I walked through the front door, it felt like home.  I could see in my mind, Lee cooking in the kitchen and kiddies running around. We both fell in love.

DAY 11
Wednesday 21st October

I’ve chosen my Bridesmaids EEP!!!

Week 3 coming soon…


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