He asked… I said YES

“If I had my life to live over again…next time I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.”

Fourteen years of performing at weddings, and finally it’s my turn to be a Bride EEEEEEEEE !!!!!!! *stupidly excited face*

Me and Lee were travelling down to Southampton for a family wedding. When we drive anywhere, we tend to chat rather than have the radio or music on, even on 7 hour journeys haha.  I was telling him some funny wedding stories, and I said, “God I hope no one proposes to anyone at the wedding.  I think it’s awful when that happens.  I mean fancy, stealing the limelight from a couple on their one and only big day!”  He nodded quietly.

In all honesty, the prospect of being a guest at a wedding felt really strange.  I had this idea in my head that I would feel really lost, not knowing what to do with myself.

The whole day was fantastic.  Here’s me and Lee, and one photo with our friend Jen…
engagement engagement2

It’s a pretty huge family, and everyone is so close.  I always feel like part of the Clothier Clan when I join in with occasions, as if I have known them all of my life.  The evening do was great too…we had such a giggle.
engagement7 engagement8

The next day, about 50-60 members of the family piled into Davids house (Lee’s Uncle – the man in the grey suit who’s knee I am sat on) as he wanted to get the family together and do a speech.

On the morning I was sat at the dressing table getting ready.  I looked up at Lee and saw that some thing was seriously wrong.  The colour had completely drained from him, and his head was in his hands.  I asked what was wrong but he just kept stumbling over his words before swiftly making an exit saying that he was going to check out.  To be honest, he had been acting odd all weekend, wanting to re confirm that I was happy in our relationship.  When he returned to the room, it was as if nothing had happened, and he had a huge smile on his face.  I’ll explain later, what happened, but in this moment, I was pretty flabbergasted.

We arrived at a a very full Davids house and were greeted with copious amounts of tea 😀

At about mid day, all of the adults gathered in the kitchen with a glass of champagne each for a toast to the new husband and wife, and to hear Davids speech.  Just before he begun, David asked Lee if he would hold his notes for him while he spoke.  The speech was really lovely, and brought a tear to my eye.  As Davids speech ended, he passed over to Lee for him to say a few words.  I thought, that’s a bit odd, I know they’re a close family but cousins don’t usually do speeches.  As Lee begin to speak, I couldn’t help but feeling a little paranoid that everyone kept looking at me.  I wondered if may be I’d put my top on inside out or something and not noticed haha definitely something that I would do.

I was listening to what Lee was saying, but I didn’t understand what was happening.  You know when you get sort of a tunnel vision when you’re nervous? it’s the only way that I can describe it.  David stepped forwards and took my hand to bring me closer to Lee.  I still had no idea what was going on…even when he got down on one knee.  I was in complete shock.  The best type of shock I have ever felt my entire life.  I knew in that precise moment, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man!

I think, that you can think that the idea of something is good, but until that moment happens, you don’t really know your true feelings about it.  When he said those words, “Will you marry me?” If I had thought “Oh God” and panicked, then maybe it wouldn’t have been right.  But I really couldn’t think of a better way to spend my life.

When Lee put the ring on my finger, I looked at it in amazement, it looked familiar.  Then I realised, I had chosen that ring in London not realising that Lee would propose…just doing a bit of window shopping.  He had returned to Lucie Campbell’s on New Bond Street, in Mayfair, unbeknown to me and had put in a request for it to be made.


Here’s the video of the proposal 🙂 Lee’s elder brother, Warren, filmed it 🙂

After I’d said yes and we had a kiss and cuddle, he pointed to a phone and said, “And look, your dads on Face-Time.” My dad had watched the whole thing.  I was so over-whelmed with emotion that I could’t take it all in.

Sean, Lee’s friend was holding the phone so that my dad could watch comfortable at home.  They enjoyed telling me later on in the day, that they had pre-warned dad that there was going to be a short speech first from David.  He obviously got bored half way through as everyone could hear a chopping noise.  Dad had decided he would start making his dinner whilst David finished his speech and was chopping veg rather loudly.  If I had have turned to my right, I would have seen my dad from the side, shoulder to waist, chopping veg in our kitchen back in Doncaster haha.

Going back to Lee looking drained and uncomfortable in the hotel room earlier that day, he had received a text from my Dad…
dad text

So when Lee left the room to ‘check out’, he’d actually gone to call my dad to challenge him over his change of mind!  This is how the conversation went…

Lee: “Don, what are you thinking?  What’s going on? I’ve got it all planned.  You agreed.  I’m supposed to be asking her to marry me in an hour.”

Don: “Lee, I don’t understand”

Lee: *pause* (starting to realise it wasn’t as bad as he thought)

Don: (The penny drops) *Belly laughing…lots and lots of belly laughing*

The night before, Lee had asked my dad if he wanted to watch the proposal on Face-time.  My dad just said, “No it’s ok, you’ve got enough to worry about, just enjoy it.”  So, THAT is what he had changed his mind about.  Not about Lee asking for my hand in marriage.  Of course, when I was told about this, I found it hilarious.

Here we are, having just got ENGAGED EEEEEE…


Lee didn’t have much company on the 4 hour drive back home, as I spent the entire journey on the phone telling all of my friends and family that we had just got engaged.  Those telephone calls lasted well into the early hours of the following morning.  My phone couldn’t cope with the excitement so I had to sit in the hallway with it on charge…
phone hallway

I’ll leave you with one last photo of me and Lee, on our first night of being engaged, a photo of me with my future in-laws, and the words that he said to me…
“I have waited all my life for you…………and I want my life to start right now.”
engagement nightengagement6



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