Alexandra’s 10 Beautiful Moments…fans, friends & family

“A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realise how blessed you are for what you have”

  1. Had my hair done at The Vanilla Rooms in Bawtry – pretty funny photo 🙂 thinking of sporting this hair for my next show, what do you reckon? Think it’ll catch on?!

  2. Overheard my boyfriend asking my dad “Can you get it up ok?” Erm, awkward moment? Turns out they were carrying a sofa haha.
  3. Last Friday it was super hot so I pulled on my polkadot swimming costume with my shorts over the top and headed into town to do some banking.  On the way back to the car (a good half a mile) the heavens opened and it absolutely threw it down. Everyone took cover in the doorways of shops along the high street.  An elderly gentle man turned to me and said “How many times did your mum tell you to put your coat on this morning?” Bless him, “Do you know what? She didn’t tell me once.” I smiled back at him.  Looking back outside I thought, this rain isn’t going to stop, I’m already wet, why don’t I just enjoy it.  So I stepped out onto the street and casually walked to my car, getting drenched.  It was warm, and fresh, and I did enjoy feeling the rain on my skin.  This is where the embarrassing part comes in…luckily I had a spare change of clothes in my car, and was parked at the far end of the carpark with a huge white van next to my car, so began to dry myself off with a towel and get changed. I had managed to get into a fresh pair of knickers and throw a top on, which didn’t cover enough of my dignity at this point when the man who owned the van came back *puts head in hands*, I moved pretty quickly, it has to be said haha.
  4. The final Safari Night at Yorkshire Wildlife Park was amazing – I can’t wait to write the blog about it when I have all the photo’s and video footage 🙂 I met so many wonderful people who’d seen me before, and who’s weddings I had played at years ago, and people that I went to college with.  The whole day and night were incredible, but I can’t reveal too much yet
    IMG_0893 IMG_0902

  5. I rang my Grandma (dads mum) and asked her if she’d like to come and see me graduate in October.  Bless her she got really emotional on the phone and said that she would be honoured. 😀  She is the cutest.  Grandma must have rung dads sister Yvonne pretty much straight away because I got a text from her shortly after saying that my mum would be really proud and that we’ll throw a huge party haha 😀 that was really lovely.
  6. Lee took me away on a pre-birthday surprise trip – I was so nervous but excited because I had no idea what we were doing.  Go Ape welcomed us with open arms, which I had my reservations about haha, and we went on a 2 hour horse trek across the valleys, streams and mountains 😀  I will definitely do a special blog about the trip because it was so funny.  Got some hilarious video’s.
    me n lee go ape go ape
  7. I ate cake in bed, and lots of it 😀 Look how happy I am
    cake in bed
  8. Dad’s throwing me a Birthday Party 😀 I got excited and booked an adult bouncy castle 😀 eeeeeeee, and giant outdoor games.  My house is now also full off buntings and tissue paper pom poms, really bloody big ones.  OOOOO and I booked James Sutherland to perform for my guests for an hour, he is fantastic.  I first saw him performing at one of the safari nights in the courtyard at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  EEP super excited.
  9. After playing for a wedding on Sunday I got home to Dad and Squidge (my kitty) asleep outside in the swinging helicopter chair…I did take a photo but I can’t show you, dad would go insane HAHA.  When dad woke up I climbed onto the helicopter chair too.  We top and tailed (that’s a polite way of saying I had my feet in his face haha such a lovely daughter) and just sat there for hours chatting about nothing 🙂 it was so chilled
  10. Forever Unique (dress designer) used my photo on Instagram and Twitter, and tagged me in it 😀
    forever unique

It has been such great week.  I’m going to finish with a really wonderful quote …

lee quote

Look after each other…Lots of love xxx


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