30.8.15 Mr & Mrs Williams

“Don’t ever stop dating your wife, and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.”

I was particularly excited about the music for this wedding.  Gemma (the bride) had requested ‘A River Flows in You’ by Yiruma which is a piano piece.  I managed to ask Sandor (my music writer) to head to the studio to record a beautiful and emotional version for violin which he did in record breaking time.  He is incredible.  When I was learning it, I couldn’t help but cry as I was playing it.  It really did capture my heart with its beauty.  I’ll do a youtube video for it and post it for you soon 🙂

gemmas wedding 12

I arrived super early, about 2 hours before the wedding was due to begin.  I thought with it being bank holiday that the traffic on the A1 would be horrendous so decided to be safe.  I love all of the staff at The Clumber Park Hotel, and have known them for years.  It’s always lovely to be able to have a little catch up with them every time I visit to perform for a wedding.


The Registrar’s were lovely and ready.  Jo (wedding coordinator) brought in Simon (the groom) and his brother who was the best man to go over the details.  Simon seemed so laid back and relaxed but gradually whilst talking to the registrars seemed to grow increasingly nervous.

This photo is from their pre wedding shoot 🙂 I don’t know where it is but I think it’s lovely.  I first met Gemma at The Clumber Park Hotel when she worked there on the front desk.  I bet it felt really nice getting married somewhere that she knew all of the staff.  I think I’d feel really at home.

gemmas wedding 10

There weren’t any readings but they had some really nice promises which they said to each other.  Gemma wrote hers, and as she read it she began to cry, as did I, and yep, I was sat right at the front, facing the guests haha.  I wish I had manage to get a copy of the promises to show you because they were really beautiful.  A 6 year old little boy called Jack was in charge of the rings on a lovely cushion and was as good as gold.


I thought that this was a fantastic idea, a photo in a frame for guests to each write a little message in the border.

gemmas wedding2 gemmas wedding 3

Here are some photo’s from the wedding…
gemmas wedding 6 gemmas wedding 5 gemmas wedding 8gemmas wedding

The drive home was lovely, the weather was beautiful, it was hot.  I popped the radio on, and shamefully, I have to admit, that a One Direction song came on…and I….turned the radio up and sang along *puts head in hands* I know, what on earth happened to me!!!

The day after the wedding Gemma sent me a lovely text message…

Until next time, love each other


PS. Here’s a card they received from a guest which made me giggle…
gemmas wedding 13


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