Getting Wet on Safari

“People will never forget how you made them feel”

Torrential rain, thunder & lightening meant that the pink sparkly wellies were making an appearance at this show.  I’ll be completely honest, I expected a hardly anyone at the open air concert at the Yorkshire Wild Life park just based on the weather.  As I approached the field in my car, all that I could see were a sea of umbrellas, and I mean LOADS of umbrella’s.  I wish I’d have taken a photo, but what I did get a photo of, is me in the wellies 😀
IMG_776011934989_1613843832204552_6863685320250495640_nScreen Shot 2015-08-26 at 20.53.30

I think this night out of all the Safari Nights so far has been the most fun.  An ABBA tribute band were on who were incredible, their singing, outfits and dancing skills (the girls obviously hehe) were just fantastic.  Me and Matt Zaremba were dancing back stage, I’ve popped some footage from this in the video clip from the show haha, Matt WILL be pleased *sarcastic*.

I felt so relaxed before I got on stage, and on stage too.  I think it’s because I felt like I’d built up a friendship with the people in the audience over the weeks, I just felt so comfortable.  “Who fancies a selfie with me?” I shouted as I got onto stage.  Everybody screamed and roared.  The power behind the sound felt amazing.  So here’s the selfie 😀  I’ll take my selfie stick next time so I can get more people in haha

My dad was with me again 🙂 he loves coming to shows.  If you were there, you’ll have seen him handing out flyers before my performance and then taking photo’s.  We always have such a laugh.  He was doing his funny dance moves to ABBA’s ‘Super Trooper’, it’s hilarious.  Of course I joined in.  We were in full view too haha.  I’d be interested to know if anyone got some cheeky photo’s or a video of our antics haha
IMG_7686 IMG_7761

I loved the dress that I wore, which was knee length before i started dancing on stage, and then it gradually rode up and it never looks good on stage to keep messing with your clothes so I just went with it.  I fear that there may have been a moment when the people at the front could have got a glimpse of my kickers which is NOT cool haha.  Next time, I shall test run a dress before I wear it on stage :/

I spotted a few familiar faces int he audience, one of them being one of my violin students (Nat) and her mum, so I gave them a wave from stage.  I announced at the end that I’d be by the barrier if anyone wanted a chat and a photo, and I heard a kid say, “I want a chat and a photo!” haha that was so cute.  When I got to the barrier the queue was huge.  I was laughing afterwards that I had spent longer chatting to children and their parents, and having photo’s afterwards than I was on stage for.  I was there for so long that Matt came over and took my hand, “Alexandra darling, I love you very much, but I need a curry”.

IMG_7820 IMG_7702

There was a really lovely girl there called Jenny who used to work at The Crown Hotel in Bawtry.  As soon as I saw her I wrapped my arms around her.  We had a great little chat.  When my mum came to do wedding fairs with me there, Jenny would go get us cake haha.  My mum loved her, and I told Jenny what my mum had said about her.  When I got home, I received the loveliest message…I welled up, not just because of what she said, but because of how I’d made her feel with my words…

Lots of people wanted hugs 🙂 I love hugs and quite happy to dish them out for free haha.  This little girl (photo below) wanted a hug, so I hugged her over the barrier but it wasn’t easy because she was so small…she spotted a break in the barrier so I ran out and gave her a proper hug awwwwww.  “Are you a celebrity?” she asked. “I don’t know.  Do you think that I’m a celebrity?” She beamed “Yes, I do!” Such a lovely moment

Here are some selfies that people have sent me 🙂

IMG_7821 IMG_7814 IMG_7813 IMG_7810

Earlier in the year, I performed for the renewal of wedding vows for the lovely couple below.  It was so amazing to see them and their children again 🙂


There is only one more Safari Night show left, and it’s going to be HUGE.  Because it’s the last one this year, I’ll be making my way around the audience before my performance.  After the show I’ll be back by the barriers again ready to chat to people and in case any one would like photo’s.  I can’t wait to meet you all.  Here’s what is going to be on…
29th august

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a couple of photo’s from my performance 🙂 there’ll be more on my Facebook page here
IMG_7786 IMG_7785

Love you all, and until next time, shine brightly

❤ Alexandra ❤


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