22.8.15 Sophie Duckworth & the Knicker-less Caterer

True love stands by each others side on good days, and stands even closer on bad days

It was a sweltering at a whopping 30 degrees (for England that’s pretty insane) and the sky was clear.  Perfect for your wedding day.  I could have been in a foreign country.  In fact, it has to be said, I felt like I was on holiday as there was a noticeable holiday smell, like the sea side (not Cleethorpes, thinking somewhere more exotic).

When I arrived, I was greeted by a female security guard.  I thought it was great and gave the impression of more of a high profile wedding.  Then came Nobby 🙂 he’s one of the Managers at Duckworth’s and was Facilities Manager for the day.  I was well looked after.  Everybody that Sophie had hired were just lovely, really lovely.  Not only was the wedding perfect, she hired Rachel Green (Celebrity Chef).  The food, oh my god, it was divine. She is also the most loveliest person in the world.  If you’re interested in having a nosey, this is her website http://www.rachel-green.co.uk

I was set up in no time, in fact I was incredibly early which was great, especially in the baking weather.  The lovely security guard, Nobby, his wife and I sat outside chatting, and telling each other about our lives.

It got to the point (baring in mind no one had arrived yet), where I just could not deal with the heat in that dress, which was more of a winter dress in terms of how thick the material was.  Dashing into the marquee I thought, “God I just have to take my tights off, today is not a day for tights” haha.  That was the only way that I could help myself, although I did have a thinner more summery dress in the car just in case, but the dress I was wearing matched so perfectly *Dilema*.

sophie crop copy2

As I walked through the marquee looking a little relieved with a pair of tights in my hand, the front of house lady looked at me.  “I just had to take my tights off, I am actually sweating,” I laughed.  “Well,” she said, ” I can’t believe I’ve put this linen thing on, it’s baking.  I was considering going knicker-less you know haha but look how big the split is up the front of this dress,” I laughed “Ooooo bit risky haha.  Well when my ass starts sweating, I know it’s time to change,”  Then from behind me comes Rachel Green “I just want to be naked!” So that was it haha we were all laughing.  Honestly, the dilemma’s that we women have to contend with haha.

I can’t imagine how Sophie must have been feeling in her wedding dress.  It was beautiful, very boho I thought.

Sophie owns Duckworth’s Landrovers, and initially booked me to perform at their Landcover Sport Launches earlier in the year. Me and Sophie got on so well.  I love it when that happens with weddings and events, when you just click with someone and end up being friends.  When I’d finished I ran over for a hug and to tell her how beautiful she looked, although our first words to each other were, “My ass is actually sweating,”…..”Oh my god, tell me about it?!”  Haha.  There are talks of ‘Wine Business Meetings’…pretty much going to meet up and drink wine, no business at all haha.  I can’t wait to hear about their honey moon.  Of course it was rude not to do a selfie.

sophie wedding

I performed for the Drinks Reception, just until guests went in for dinner.  I had a lovely chat with a few of the guests too, in fact, one man was drinking beer and didn’t see that there was a wasp in it and got stung in his mouth *OUCH*.  And I managed to remain in the purple dress until about 30mins before the end of the Drinks Reception.  I just HAD to get changed, and it felt sooooooo gooooooood!!!!!

Now formally known as Mrs Foster 🙂 wife of Will Foster

sophie and william fostersophie and guests

The view from the marquee was beautiful.  There were outdoor games and a children’s play area as well as a sofa area for people to sit and chill.  Everything was perfect. Ooh almost forgot, my friend James from Flawless Photography was there doing what he does best.  He looks so cool.  He has these leather straps that cross over his back that he clips all his camera’s onto, like something you’d see on cowboy films with their guns clipped in.

sophie 2sophie 5

I had to dash off to prepare for the Show at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, but on the way home I just had to stop to take a photo of the sky…
sophie 3

Love to Mrs Sophie Foster & Mr Will Foster.  I loved being part of your day.  You’re a beautiful couple together, may it last forever. *kisses* xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sophie 6


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