Alexandra’s 10 Beautiful Moments…and nailing rainy day wedding photo’s

“Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about” (Marilyn Monroe)

1 . I saved a bird 😀 Sat in the living room I heard cute little bird noises, and when I looked up, much to my dismay, Squidge (my cat) had been stalking birds and thought it’d be lovely to bring one back.  I took it from her mouth and checked it over to make sure there was no damage.  It was perfect, cute and lovely 🙂 I stroked it, and had a little chat with it before setting it free…yep, I know, I’m bonkers haha
little bird

2 . Found this great video which really made me smile 🙂

3 . I found this link to an amazing blog.  All these coupled totally smashed their wedding day photo’s when it rained.  Check it out.  There are some fab ideas in here ladies to keep in the brain bank, just in case:
Rainy Day Wedding Blog

4 . Did my first ever hanging basket 😀 I felt so proud – I’ve never been one for gardening, but youtube really is a godsend.  My Dad always goes on at me about watering the hanging baskets daily (because I tend not to) but I discovered via youtube that you can get these crystals that you mix in the soil and they soak up water so you don’t have to water them every day 😀 genius. Shhhh don’t tell dad *giggle*

hanging basketthis is dads haha dads basket

5 . On Sunday I had a big fat chill day – a rare rare occurrence. Waking up at 11am felt incredible haha.  Pretty sure that I did absolutely nothing all day…ahhhhhhhhhh what a great day

6 . My invite for one of my best friends weddings came in the post 😀 ARGH I’m so excited.  It is going to feel so strange being a bridesmaid rather than a violinist for a wedding haha.  I’ve been playing at weddings for 13 years now, and all of a sudden MY friends are beginning to get married.  Love Suzy’s invites 😀
suzy invite

7 . Had some hilarious moments with Lee.  One particular moment we fell about laughing for ages.  We were sat up in bed with a cuppa chatting (like an old married couple haha) when I hiccuped.  He said “It’s like being in bed with a little mouse…MEOOOOW…*pause*…that was a bird.”  Haha my tummy hurt so much from laughing.  I think the look on his face really made it funnier.

8 . I popped into mums work to visit her colleagues when i was passing (Doncaster Royal Infirmary), sat in the office and this lady comes in “Sorry to interrupt, but this really funny thing just happened, I just have to tell you”.  This lady was in her early 50’s.  Here’s the story…

“Someone handed me this purse that they had found, so I put it in the office.  Literally 10 minutes later I saw this old lady looking around with a confused look on her face so I asked her if she was ok, ‘I’m looking for my sisters purse’ she said, ‘Oh yes I have it, let me just get it for you’, so I came back with this purse and gave it to the old lady.  She reached into the purse and held my hand placing £1.50 in it “Thank you love, now you go get yourself some sweets” Haha, such a cute story 😀

9 . Performing in the courtyard was so heart warming last Saturday at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Everyone clapped after every song, even though it was only really back ground music, and people came to take photo’s and talk to me 🙂 it was wonderful

10 . Squidge in a box haha I love how she has to get in every box, no matter how small it is…
squidge 2 squidge 3

Well that’s my 10 things for this week 🙂 and although I have 10, I just wanted to post a photo of the beautiful flowers that Lee left me by my bed one morning before work…

Take care, and love each other xxx


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