8.8.15 – 1 Wedding, 1 Show and 1 hell of an embarrassing moment

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I had a cheeky shopping trip on the morning *grits teeth*, I know, I just couldn’t help myself.  Chique in Doncaster just had their new stock delivered.  Needless to say, I left with 4 new dresses 😀

Rossington Hall welcomed me for a wedding before I flew across to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  The weather was incredible, clear blue sky and absolutely roasting.  I always love the approach to Rossington hall down the large drive through the trees which the sun was sparkling through.


There’s not much to tell as I was only playing for the meal, but the couple were really sweet.  Because I was unsure on what to wear for the show later, I had a stack of dresses in my car.  When I entered the ballroom, the colour scheme was golds and purple, and luckily I’d packed a gold dress 😀 as soon as the bride saw me she gasped “YOU MATCH!” haha I like to match a colour scheme if I can.  I look like part of the furniture then I guess.

As I began playing movie hits like Aerosmith “I don’t wanna miss a thing” and Bryan Adams “Everthing I do”, the guests were swaying around their tables and singing.  When I came to one particular song, the groom jumped out of his seat enthusiastically making his way around the tables singing into an invisible microphone to his guests haha it was so fun

11791928_1608889799366622_4876749766011239784_o 11816169_1608887806033488_7690957999261599631_o

When I arrived at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for a sound check, the new stage was up EEEEEEEE (that’s an excited sound, just in case you weren’t sure).  It looked incredible…


…and so did the show…

When I returned later on and managed to sneak backstage to the dressing room, I could see the audience begin to multiply…by the second.  It was rude not to get a selfie with some audience in the background.  Matt from he wildlife park is on the left, the guy on the right?  That’s Lee 😀 and yes, there’s a blue dot on his head, from one of the LED lights haha whoops

‘Take That Live’ were performing before me so I was eager to watch them.  It was only a few months back that I saw Take That in Sheffield on tour.  We opted for standing rather than seats so that we could dance and sing haha…and that’s exactly what we did.  If you ever get chance to see Take That, regardless of liking their music, their show is a must see, the production they put on is HUGE and incredible.

I had the flu pretty badly, hardly had a voice and felt so drained it was unreal.  As soon as I walked onto stage it was as if by magic, it had just flown away.  I loved performing.  I really exerted myself, dancing and running around the stage.  Totally performed my little socks off.


Dom Fisher came to photograph the event, he’s amazing and such a lovely guy.

When my performance ended, I bowed and turned around to walk through the smoke and lights ready to leave the stage via the stairs.  I had exerted my poorly little self so much that I went weak & dizzy therefore taking a tumble down the stairs 😦 “Oh my god, are you ok?” people rushed over.  “Is my violin ok?” I responded, “yes”, “Then I’m absolutely fine.” Haha all I was bothered about was my violin.

When the world had stopped spinning, I popped out to the barrier and had selfies with people and signed autographs which feels amazing.  It’s great having a chat with people too.  One of the best parts of my job, the people that I meet 🙂

I was so happy to get in bed, with more lemsip, when I got home.  The second my head hit the pillow, I was in the land of dreams *sighs*

There are some amazing pics from the show.  ‘Like’ my OFFICIAL Facebook fan page here and have a nosey at all the photo’s.  This is what the page looks like…
Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 00.09.34

I am back again tomorrow night at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park but this time with Jake Quickenden from the X Factor and more recently ‘I’m a celebrity, get me outta here’

There’s still time to get your tickets, but if you can’t make it, downLoad the app ‘Periscope’ and follow me @3lectricviolin as I will be LIVE Streaming as much of the show as possible.  You can even ask me questions on there, and possible Jake too.

I’ll leave you with a couple more photo’s from last Saturdays show, and until then, loads love.  Look after yourselves xxx

IMG_7839 IMG_7676


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