Alexandra’s 10 beautiful Moments…naughty morph & something about Mary

   beautiful 5“Collect moments, not things”


1 . Had some really lovely comments posted on my blog from Sarah & Jon Shum’s Wedding
Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 09.23.31 Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 09.23.37 Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 09.23.43

2 . On Wednesday night I dreamt that I was a burger…I know :/ really strange

3 . LOVED performing at Yorkshire Wildlife Park safari Night – probably the highlight of the week for me 😀 dancing and singing to ABBA with dad back stage too haha bumping hips, it was so funny
going wild

4 . Found the pink garden tools that I bought mum 😀 and me and dad spent a gardening day.  Mum always kept the garden looking pristine, and neither of us, honestly, are good at gardening haha.  We were so proud of what we had achieved
mums tools

awwww and love heart shaped ice cubes 😀

5 . Monday night I lit the fire pit, Lee came over and we drank wine outside and chatted away the night – until he nipped in the kitchen grabbed a handful of cream from the cake and wiped it all over my face haha – looked like a ‘Something about Mary’ moment !!!
something about maryfire pit

Monday was generally just a hilarious day.  Our friend Gina and her husband (photo of beautiful baby below) was having a worrying time when their baby went in for surgery, so after a few glasses of wine me and Lee decided to do a little video to cheer her up haha it wasn’t supposed to be funny

6 . Visited my lovely friend Gina from Smooch Rings for a cuddle with one of the twins 😀 I’m a god mother to this little ones sister

7 . I’m in the process of writing my blog about the nudist festival that I performed at and I was intrigued to see what people wanted to ask me about it.  Some of the questions made me giggle.  I’m looking forward to going through them all when i sit down to work on it again.

8 .  I find salad really boring but I made the most yummy super food salad with Kale (steamed – it’s yukky raw as my personal trainer found out pretty quickly haha), baby spinach leaf, cranberries, blueberries, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, pan fried garlic topped with prawns in a homemade mary rose sauce sprinkled with sweet paprika 😀 Honestly it was delicious – more delicious that it looks haha

9 . If you look at my first ‘Alexandra’s 10 Beautiful Moments…’ you’ll see that my dad bought me this cute salt and pepper duo and said “look it’s me looking after you”…..well…I knocked the table and it fell into this position…

Erm…ye, can’t really say that’s you looking after me anymore dad *grits teeth* Haha

10 . Monday was the most relaxing day ever.  I spent 3 blissful hours at The Willows in Epworth with my favourite therapist Jess…I honestly felt like she had put sedatives in my tea 😀 ooo and I she gave me plenty of biscuits with my cuppa ❤ perfection


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