6.8.15 Mr & Mrs Harris

It feels like it should be Sunday today!  It always throws me off when I do a mid week wedding haha.

Gosh it was perfect.  The day before, Kerry (the bride) emailed me and said that she had a lace mask for me to wear if I didn’t mind, to set the scene.  The theme was Swan Lake, and oh my god was it beautiful.  I found a dress at Chique in Doncaster (Sherri Hill – one of my fave designers) to fit with the theme 🙂 I was so excited.  So, it was a day for an up do 🙂 I’d look like a bank robber if I’d had my hair down AND wore a mask.


The drive was beautiful, the weather really couldn’t have been better.  And when I arrived at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel in Southwell, wow, I saw all of the little fine details.  There were ballet shoes hanging off candelabra’s, and masks placed around, music, feathers…it was beautiful.


I arrived extra early 😀 I always tell brides that I arrive an hour before she is due to walk down the aisle, in order to set up, but in all honesty I usually get there a lot earlier.  Having a look around and soaking up the feeling of the venue is great, AND it gives me chance to take pics.

I was masked up and ready to go in no time…


The music choices were exciting for me.  I’d learnt two songs for this wedding: Skinny Love by Birdy and Rather Be by Clean Bandit…they sounded AMAZING!!!  I’ll film them and input the video’s into here in a couple of weeks 😀

People began arriving in beautiful outfits and all the groomsmen were in ‘black tie’ wear with bow ties, they looked fab…with cigars in their top pockets haha. kerry23 kerry21

All of the guests were seated before the Groom entered with his Best Man & Groomsmen to Skyfall by Adele.  Oh my life it sounds incredible on electric violin.  As they took their places I could see Kerry & her bridesmaids preparing to enter ARGH I was so excited.  She looked beautiful, her dress was to die for.  I’m not sure that you can see the detail in the photo but the top part was all feathers going upwards like the swan lake ballet costumes.  The bridesmaids looked beautiful too in their ballet like outfits 😀


A thousand years by Christina Perri as Kerry walked down the aisle.  During the vows and promises Stuart got a little bit emotional which was so lovely and choked me up a bit.  You could see in his eyes how much he loves her.


During the signing of the register I played Skinny Love, All of Me by John legend & Give me Love my Ed Sheeran 😀  The exit was AWESOME – Rather Be by Clean Bandit.  I loved it.  It was then time for everyone to grab a drink from the bar and head outside to enjoy the sunshine and even more music 😀 I love the bar (photo below).  I’ve seen on a post on the ‘Brides up North’ Facebook page a few ladies asking advice as they don’t want guests posting photos on Facebook on the day…I noticed this sign (photo on left) at Kerry & Stuarts wedding and though it was a fab little idea.

kerry6polite notice

It was sweltering outside.  Just before everyone went in for the Wedding Breakfast I was inundated with people wanting selfies haha it was great, wish I had them to show you haha.  I had a lovely chat with some of the guests.  They were a really lovely and fun family.  As I was talking to one of the groomsmen a lady came up behind him and said, “Stop chatting up the violinist, you’re a married man.” Haha “Don’t worry, I always look for a wedding ring,” I said Jokingly, to which she replied with “Well I wouldn’t be surprised if he had removed it!” He lifted his left hand and looked at his wedding ring with a look of confusion on his face haha.  *Grits teeth* haha it was a funny little moment in the day.

kerry1kerry2The weather was so good that on the way home I was able to enjoy the journey through the beautiful country villages with the roof down on the beamer 😀 I jumped into the helicopter chair in the garden when I got home, and enjoyed a chill out with squidge 😀

Until next time…

Ps just an after thought 😁 I really wanted to travel back home in comfy clothes but I got stuck in my dress 😂 ive put on some much needed weight which I’m so happy about but it has come with its down falls haha 


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