Going Wild

 “Roar like a lion & live in the moment”

roar like a lion quote

What a night!  What a day! And it’s not the last!

Safari Nights at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park are incredible, I loved every second.  Last year was amazing too, but this year it’s even bigger.  There were just under 8000 people in the audience and it was only Safari Night 2…ARGH.

going wild 4going wild 5

Musicians dotted around the park through the day livened up the ambience and even got some people dancing.  That’s me (above) performing in the courtyard area.  It looks like I’m in a cage, very appropriate haha.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.46.27

Lots of people came to talk to me which was so lovely 🙂 I love that part of my job (if I can really call it a job), and some children ran up to chat to me who were all very excitable and very inquisitive 🙂

I ran across the field to sound check ready for the big finale and on the way back to the car it absolutely threw it down with rain, so I sported the drowned rat look for a little while before heading home to get ready…again 😀 haha.

Here’s a little preview of my performance with choreographed fireworks by FUSE FIREWORKS.

Stood backstage with my dad watching the ABBA tribute band was so fun.  We danced and sang – if only you could have seen that, now THAT was entertaining haha.  Dad has some hilarious choreographed arm actions to super trooper *slaps forehead*.  My mum loved ABBA.  We used to dance and sing to their songs in the kitchen with wooden spoons or other utensils (from experience, using a whisk is slightly dangerous, recommend strongly against that haha).

going wild 2

The staff clearly enjoyed it too…I thought this was fab, it really made my night…

I’ll be at every Safari Night this year!  The details for dates and tickets are here: SAFARI NIGHTS – Feel free to come and chat to me after my evening performance, I always come to the barrier to say hi to people 🙂

kye ywlp

Yep, I’ll be at every Safari Night this year 😀


This is what the field looked liked before I left…..ooooo creepy…..


I skipped over to The Old School Inn, in Epworth on the way home for a cuppa tea, because I am oh so Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Living like a rock star *Laughs*

Oh, but this happened…*looks ashamed but sheepish*

Hope to see you safariing it up soon

Love to you all xxxx


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