Alexandra’s 10 beautiful moments…2018 weddings & The Dubstep Cat

happy moments 2
“Be HAPPY for this moment.  This moment is your life.” (Omar Khayyam)


1.  I’ve begun receiving wedding bookings for 2018 WOW that’s insane 😀 and amazing. 3 years away 😮

2. Lovely post on my Facebook time line 😀 So excited about the Safari Nights at Yorkshire Wildlife Park – I’m performing every Saturday night throughout August 😀 ARGH ….WITH choreographed fireworks by Fuse Fireworks
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 21.22.14

3. Discovered that we have a mummy hedgehog and lots of baby hedgehogs in our garden 😀  They are so cute and I see them running around the garden every day

4. Sunday I went to the circus.  It was incredible.  The musicians were amazing – I wish I could include video’s of them so you could see what I experienced.

5.  Had an amazing meeting with Aaron Cheeseman – incredible photographer about an upcoming shoot to re launch my brand, website and promotional materials. So so frigging excited about it ARGH it’s going to be AMAZING – definitely need a step ladder though, there’s about 2 foot in height between me and Aaron Haha.  Shoot will be end of august 😀

6.  Last Thursday was a day full of tea, cake and catching up with people.  My mums eldest sister came over, we have such a laugh I love her to bits.  Then one of mums best friends Polly came over, she is always about to keep her eye on me and make sure I’m ok, I love her too 😀 and then my friend Andy Lynch (photographer) flew over for 10 mins. Flipping heck, I had no words left by the end of the day, which is definitely not like me.  Oh and after that i flew across to Clumber Park Hotel to perform at a Wedding Fair – busy busy.

7. I’ve now named by dad THE DON due to his ultimate legend-ness (now a real word in real life)

8. Bought loads of new sheet music for weddings and events which will sound amazing 🙂 can’t wait to have them polished and get filming them for youtube 🙂

9. Sunday night was THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!! For the first time in forever, i got in bed at 6:20pm with netflix and ate constantly until 1am – Ben & Jerry’s cookie Core, OH MY GOD!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

10. This video of the cat dancing to dubstep almost killed me – although the poor cat is not happy, it’s such a funny video


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