Alexandra’s 10 Beautiful Moments…

no divas

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” – (Denis Waitley)

I met a lady, not too long ago who spoke about the appreciation for the little things in life and told me of a book that she keeps. Every night, she gets tucked up in bed and reflects on her day choosing 10 lovely things that she enjoyed.  I thought this was a wonderful idea, so I popped to the shop, bought myself a little book, and every night, I do exactly the same as this wonderful lady.  At first, I have to say, it was not easy.  I found myself racking my brain for significant things that happened, but gradually, I learnt to appreciate little things, like watching my cat sit and meow at the birds or having had a lay in.

If I have had a bad day or week, I sit and read through the little book, and it brings a smile to my face and sometimes even happy tears to my eyes.

I promise not to talk about stories of lovely cups of tea (which I find hugely comforting), but will hopefully make you smile or even laugh with a summary of my 10 most joyous or lovely moments each week.


1. Nat (one of my Wednesday violin students) totally smashed her school solo performance, I was so incredibly proud.  She was amazing.  hearing all of the children and their parents tell Nat how awesome she was felt incredibly heart warming.  The text from Mat’s mum put the cherry on the top “Thanks for a fabulous concert, you are one hell of a teacher.” Received beautiful flowers from Nat 🙂
flowers natnat show

2.  On my drive home from recording for Pulse 2 Radio in Bradford, I passed a wrought iron fence, painted on it was, “Time is precious, use it wisely”  Great to have a reminder like that, I love quotes, and that one made me smile.

3. I was at a little girls birthday party, there was a tiara on the cake, i knelt down and said “Are you going to put the tiara on and be a princess today?” She lifted the tiara off the cake and placed it on my head with a huge smile on her face.  Then he passed me a doll, “She’s beautiful, what’s her name?” I enquired, she looked at me all sheepishly before she replied with “Princess Alexandra”.  Such a beautiful little girl.

4. I was popping to the supermarket so my boyfriend wrote a text which was a shopping list, but had really funny things on it which were just for me *wink wink* but sent it to his mum instead.  It was so embarrassing, but more for my boyfriend.  My stomach hurt because I was laughing so much.

5.  So excited about my new kitchen 😀 Wren sent a guy over to measure the kitchen before going through the design.  I opened the door to “I thought it might be you,” only a guy who’s wedding I’m playing at later this year haha

6. Dinner out with two of my favourite girl friends, we all ate so much, I had to roll my leggings down to under my tummy, *FOOD BABY ALERT* – I knew I should have worn stretchier leggings.

7.  Dad came home with this little gift for me and said “Look, it’s me looking after you!” awwwwww 😀


8. I performed for a wedding in Boston on Saturday – the weather was perfect, so hot.  A cute old man came and gave me a refrigerated litre bottle of water which was massively needed.
water at wedding

9. Recorded with Chris Johnson for my very own feature called #onthefiddle ready to air on 3rd August on Pulse 2 Radio.  Tune in to listen live here: weekday mornings from 8am (ish)
pulse 2

10. Mixed business and pleasure in London, visited Louboutin, Cafe Creppery, Madame Tusauds, and had cocktails…ooops we got so carried away that we missed our train home.  There are so many photo’s of the trip to London, so to finish off this blog, some happy snaps 🙂
london1 london3 london4london5


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