2015, get ready to be owned!!!


Say hi to my new pet, Beethoven 😀 he lives in my recording studio which is just about set up now.  So finally, I can get on with recording AND writing my own music.  I am so excited to get started.  If you thought my life was busy before, get ready to hold onto your seats, because this year is going to be even crazier.

Log onto my website on 1st February to see the brand new, revamped site www.femaleviolinist.co.uk

There’ll be all sorts on there to keep you occupied, AND you’ll even be able to purchase gift vouchers on there for violin lessons or events.

My year will be full of performing, music writing, recording, teaching violin, modelling, selling merchandise…ooo and I’m writing a couple of books.

I’m also making a return to radio this year, which I am super excited about, with Chris Johnson from Viking FM (he’s moved to another station now, I’ll let you know which one).  ‘On the Fiddle’ is making a come back, so you can ring in to guess what song I’m playing on violin.

What are your goals and plans for this year?

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