2014, the end of an interesting year!!!


I thought i’d start with a quote that I love 😀

Well haven’t I been a busy bee.  From Christmas to new Year was crazy.  If you’re from Doncaster, you may have seen me playing violin in the town centre through December in an attempt to spread cheer (with my dad)…it worked.  I had so much fun with passers by, and saw people that I haven’t seen for years, including brides and grooms, and other musicians (Steve Love, I’m talking about you, lovely to see you).  I laughed with people, and cried with people 🙂 and loved every second.  Although, it was flipping freezing…
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Did you see the guys in the photo below? Kaspar and Pierre…amazing dancers.  They were doing a UK tour for the Christmas period in town centres.  They got a massive crowd, and what I didn’t know, is that they are friends with one of my great friends Tee from the dance group ‘Nemesis’ that were on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.


Did you have a great Christmas?  It went so quickly.  I love Christmas, the decorations and the yummy treats 😛  It was my first Christmas in my own house so of course, I was the hosts for the day.  I love family time, and I really don’t get much of it as being self employed is pretty much a 24/7 job.  I love it though 😀

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We really must have had a great time because we didn’t take any photo’s

Weren’t we lucky to have a white Christmas…well, boxing day 🙂 I was so excited, honestly you’d think i was 5 years old the way I react to Christmas and snow.  Could NOT resist going for a walk in it at 11pm, but by the time I got home, I couldn’t feel my face.  Alcohol has the same effect on me, which is why I don’t drink often haha.  Mind you, it’s cheaper than botox (I haven’t been there, the idea of injecting a paralysis drug into my face is definitely not for me), so when my friend has a botox party for her 30th, I’ll just sit and drink champagne, it’s cheaper and does the same thing for me hehe

On 27th I performed at a private party at Burton Waters (Lincoln), the house was absolutely beautiful, with double doors that opened onto the Marina where their boat sat.  Such a dream.  Everyone was so fun, and so lovely.  I’ll be playing at their daughters 30th Birthday at The Old Palace in Lincoln in March…can’t wait.  Their neighbour has a model Mousse who has his own Facebook page haha.  Moussey is everywhere.  It had been snowing, and with a rear wheel drive car I decided to hire a chauffeur with an alternative car (my dad haha).  He loved it.
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When I got back to my parents, I had to move equipment from my dads car to mine before driving back to my house….and you know how mums always have strategically placed pots with beautiful plants in? Well, my mum has those, and it was pitch black, which resulted in me going flying and landing on my elbows, with a home made trifle in my hands, which on landing, still was all in the bowl and still looked perfect 🙂 That was a proud moment, sad I know, but seriously, I’m sure thats a talent I could sell.

Here’s a random photo of my Christmassy cat

New Years Eve was completely crazy, almost 12 hours of non stop events.  The day began in Lincoln at Washingborough Hall Hotel…LOVE it there,….to perform for a wedding and Drinks Reception.  The ground was crisp and white, the air was fresh, everyone was full of joy, and the doves were flapping around happily.  The wedding was flawless.  Here’s me with the bride and groom.


5pm came, and it was time to fly across to Clumber Park Hotel in Nottinghamshire to prepare for their NYE party.  Performing on a platform at 7pm, moving through to the ballroom at 7:30pm.  I never expect it, especially when people are talking and drinking, but everyone applauded throughout, and showed their appreciation, it was wonderful.  There were lots of camera flashes from photo taking, plenty of champagne, and the canapés smelt divine.

It was so much fun, and for the second year running, the guests had been given those balloons that you blow up and let go of, and they fly around the room making funny noises.  It was mayhem and it was hilarious 🙂 I performed until 9pm and then I flew to the next venue in Barnby Moor and performed until 11:15pm.  Wow what a night.  Then it was time to go home, and get settled, with drinks while watching Emily’s fireworks (I found out that Emily from Emily’s Discos lives across the street from me, and I’ve lived here for a good few months).  What a great end to the year.

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