Mental Weekend…

weekend3 weekend5

Saturday night was AWESOME!!! I performed at the Kirkwood Hospice Winter Wonderland Ball, which was the perfect opportunity to wear one of my Sherri Hill dresses ARGH *super happy face*  I met Mikey there (Star Trax lighting/sound tech) and he’d brought a new recruit, YES, a girl.  It’s always so much more fun when there’s another girl, because, well, let’s face it, girls are more fun than boys 😀 sorry boys 😛 she’s called Sarah, so lovely, and really looking forward to her working with us.

The room, was just beautiful.  It was full of xmas trees and fake snow that was shimmery and glamorous.  It’s not a very clear photo – the lights in there made everything look funny.

I performed for an hour on the podium with lasers while guests arrive and drank champagne (I did NOT participate in the champagne drinking – trust me, it does not mix well with standing on a podium that high haha).  I finished the set with some laser manipulation which always makes people gasp, I love doing it, it feels amazing, it’s so much fun and it’s a good work out haha.  I’d had a training session the day before and was achey all over, beyond belief, so the laser manipulation was like an exercise top up, a cruel one haha.

weekend4 weekend1

Here’s me and Mikey – there’s always time for a selfie…unfortunately Sarah didn’t manage to get in on it but I’ll make sure that next time she does 😀

I met some really lovely people, and the owner and manager both want me to perform there more regularly, so a meeting is going to be taking place soon YAY.  Weirdly, being in Halifax, over an hour away from home, the manager said that I went to school with his niece, Steph Collinson…yep I remember her, she’s gorgeous.  She follows me on Instagram.  Small world isn’t it.

weekedn16 weekend7

Sunday was SUCH a busy day!!! I played for the Wedding Open Day at Clumber Park Hotel, but only until 2pm because I needed to set up at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry for the ’10 years of Cutting It Event’, of the Vanilla Rooms.  In between, I managed to squeeze in a face mask, dinner, AND doing a big clean of my house…that’s pretty heroic haha.

It was such an awesome event, the room looked incredible, as did Rebecca who owns the Vanilla Rooms in Bawtry.  Lots of the Bawtry retailers came, including the owners of Womacks – if you haven’t been to Womacks in Bawtry, you just HAVE to go.  They sell the most divine housey things.
weekend12 weekend11 weekend15

After the weekend, some relaxation was most definitely needed. A self pampering session.  A hot bubbly bath with candles and a hot chocolate with baileys….yum.

And just to show I knackered I was….haha….

Love you all xxx


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