I Can’t Believe It!!!

Well, I just can’t believe that I haven’t posted since 15th July…that’s 57 days ago.  I have a little pink diary that I write in every day…well, no, that was the original plan, you know, like a new years resolution…it has lasted but…no I’m lying.  I’m generally quite good at it until I become so busy that I’m too tired by the end of the day.  Yep the last diary entry in there was the 15th July…woops.

How tired I am is just ridiculous.  I won’t bore you with my personal life, but I WILL bore you with what I’ve been up to since 15th July, and I WILL tell you that I really need a holiday haha anywhere, with sun, sea and sand…though I won’t be getting in the sea, ooo, you don’t know what’s down there. *Gritted teeth face*.  Looks like I will be waiting until next year 😀 so flipping busy

I’ve got myself some violin students 🙂 I am loving teaching.  I do the first lesson free because I need to hear and watch a student play before I know how to guide them.  If you fancy learning, or used to play and would like to pick it up again, call or text me on 07702795925.  I only have mid week slots available, because I perform at weddings and events, which usually are on the weekend but to be honest, I’ve been working every day this week.

I’ve started back at the gym too.  But I’ve gone all serious this time and bought whey protein from http://www.myprotein.com I buy a lot of stuff from there.  They do some great vitamin powders that you can mix with drinks to get your 5 a day really easily.  You know, when you’re busy, they are a godsend.  Still must eat properly though 🙂 not a substitute.  I don’t want to lose weight, I want to gain weight and tone…but I don’t want a 6 pack.  The gym instructor said “Well getting a 6 pack is more about diet.”  “Good,” I replied, “I eat lots of cake.”  Haha, and it’s true, I do eat lots of cake.

Since I last blogged, I’ve performed at over 13 weddings and events, including 2 of Yorkshire wildlife Park’s Safari Nights.  They were incredible.  Did you go?  I performed with Fireworks which were choreographed to the music.  Fuse Fireworks did this.  I’ve worked with them a lot and they are amazing.  I’ve been busking a few times as well.  My career started from busking, and with me being so busy performing for weddings and events, I don’t get the opportunity to go busking vey often.  Honestly, I really miss it.  It’s all about people if I’m honest.  I meet so many different characters, and usually see the same ones each time I go.  They tell me stories of their lives and show me photo’s that they keep in their purses/wallets.  I have some lovely conversations with some lovely people.  And I aways love it when I pop into the town centre to grab some shopping and hear/see street entertainers.  It really brightens up my mood.

I have a busy week this week.  On Tuesday I played for the St Leger Preview Dinner where the horses and Jockeys were announced for Doncaster’s Race Week.  I had violin students yesterday 🙂  I’m in Hull today performing for a corporate event, 3 hours with no breaks, bring it on haha.  If it wasn’t for busking for all those years I wouldn’t be able to play for such a long period of time without breaks.  Friday I’m in Lincoln performing for a wedding, saturday Nottinghamshire with my show for a wedding and Sunday I’m exhibiting at a WEDDING FAIR…Prestbury, further than I thought.  Hilltop Country House.  I’ve never been there before, but it looks beautiful on the photo’s that I have seen.  12- 4pm.  I though, fantastic, I can have a bit of a lay in…then realised, I have to be there at 10:30am to set up, so I have to leave at 8:30am haha, so no lay in for me.

Hope to see you there

Alexandra xxx

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