Back to the hospital…

I’d been campaigning for the smear test age to be lowered, and for ladies who can have them, to go and have them. If you’re reading this now, and haven’t had a smear test, or haven’t had one for a while, pick up the phone, yep, right now, I’m watching you…that’s it…dial the number for your doctors…is it ringing?….right, now make that appointment. Done it yet? Yes?….Great.

Yep, that’s right, I am back in for another Colposcopy today (biopsy)…oh the joys.

If you fancy a nosey back to my October/November posts, you’ll see what has been going on.

After a lot of drama, prodding and poking, I got the all clear…but it has come back.  So today I make a return to the hospital with MR EMMERVON…the best so I am told to have a biopsy.

Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies

I’ll be thinking of you when you’re having the smear test you just booked…you didn’t fib to me did you?..Go on, get it booked.  That unpleasant couple of minutes could save your life.



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