12th July 2014 – Nicola McConville weds Steve Lomas + Ladies Night

I loved these two.  What a lovely couple.  The wedding was beautiful, perfect, faultless.

1st February 2013 they enquired about my services, and 3 days later they booked and paid.  They knew exactly what they wanted.

Saturday was to be a long day.  I didn’t sleep well the night before, I woke every 30 minutes throughout the night.  On the road i went, on my way to Washingborough Hall Hotel near Lincoln.  Bloody beautiful.  If you’re not getting married, you MUST book to stay there.  The rooms, gardens and staff are gorgeous, and the breakfast, well, that’s just to die for.
10559860_10153003195453047_788609227995167516_n 10522767_10153003195623047_1350638159926970586_n

The weather was perfect for a wedding.  I arrived super early, which gave me chance to take some photo’s, for your benefit of course.  The flowers were beautiful, the lavender was out in the gardens, the cake was interesting.  A cheese cake…no, not a cheese cake, a cake made from actual cheese, like cheddar cheese, grapes and crackers.
I was ready in no time for Nicola arriving.  i tell you what was interesting, and different and a fab idea which Nicola and Steve did.  Rather than have a table plan for dinner, they had a table full of little bags, and on each bag was a photo of the guest with their name and table number.  I thought that was great, there were some funny photo’s too.  Nicola looked beautiful, there are no funny stories or mishaps because the day went just perfectly.  I’m glad that I was sat at the back of the room this day however, as the brides father stood up and read out a poem.  Well, we were all crying, including the father of the bride.  I was almost sobbing haha.

My Precious Daughter

When you first looked into my eyes and clinched my hand
my heart was overcome with love only I could understand
I promised then i’d keep you safe through each day of your life
Yet, all the while, I knew you’d grow to be a loving wife
Over the years, you’ve brought much joy to your Mother and me
Your beauty and your kindness have paved your destiny
My girl this day, your destiny brings your husband’s hand to hold
As you begin this journey of new memories to unfold
Again, this day, you clinched my hand as we walked down the aisle
And you looked into my eyes and, once again, I smiled
My heart will overflow with love and everlasting pleasure
Knowing my previous little girl has found her man to treasure
I’ve welcomed him into our home and family life we share
I’ll always pray he treats you with utmost respect and care
I’ll let you go, you’ll take his hand, you’ll spread your wings and fly
But, sweetheart, know he’ll never love you nearly as much as I
(c)2011 – Jill Eisnaugle. all rights reserved.

Flipping heck, I couldn’t write that without getting a tear or two.
10442946_10153003194698047_2954953750586291032_n 10399991_10153003194493047_1354177457573951511_n
I played throughout the Ceremony and Drinks Reception until the guests had gone in for the Wedding Breakfast.  Then I trotted off to get changed and started my next leg of the journey, back to Doncaster to set up and rehearse for the Ladies Night.
Mikey from Star Trax was there with the lads and had already set everything up for me, so all I had to do was go home and get ready for the nights show.  What an amazing night.  I opened the show with laser manipulation  (the video is on my Facebook profile so if you fancy a nosey just add me – alexandra parker violinist) and then later on I performed for 30mins on electric violin.
10462457_10153003192513047_2789553451457000012_n 10433091_10153003192583047_4278127186292946576_n 10354160_10153003192238047_5856461633053076271_n 10157338_10153003192023047_8241294639075354289_n
I worked hard, really hard, and everyone cheered, clapped and roared.  I was stood backstage on the balcony before the show and this gorgeous girl came towards me saying hi and waving at me.  I knew that I recognised her but I couldn’t think where from, as she got closer, I thought, no, no way.  it was only a bride who’s wedding i played at about 8 years ago.  She looked amazing, younger than when I first met her.  Bloody gorgeous.

After photo’s and a natter to the girls and gays attending 🙂 I trotted off home to get ready for a night out, which, in all honestly, I was way too tired for.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my Louboutins which I wore for the first time on saturday, didn’t want to break them out of the box.  But they are too beautiful for me not to wear them.



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