My very own recording studio…

spa open day

Admittedly, I haven’t been doing any worky stuff for about 3-4 weeks because, although I don’t let personal issues get in the way of work, this particular issue was so huge, and still is huge that I had to change my priorities for a bit.  Yesterday, I began to get back on track with things, and started putting some exciting plans in place.

Because of what is going on, I have to start taking time out for myself now and have the odd day off.  Which I think is going to start with a spa day haha.  I am so desperate for a spa day, or a day in a salon having beauty treatments.  Thursday night I performed for the Clumber Park Hotel, New Leaf Spa, Open day.  Can’t lie, I had a nosey at what treatments were on offer.  If it wasn’t so late, I would have booked in, and you probably wouldn’t have seen me for at least a couple of hours.


Anyway, yesterday was amazing.  By Friday I will have my own recording studio at home, which means that I can record whenever I like, rather than having to make a lengthy journey.  Much better use of time 🙂 and means that I will get more done YAY.  so that album I have been talking about, yep, I will be able to get it finished, and then you’ll be able to buy it.  Either when I’m busking (awaiting my pedlars license), on my website or by emailing me (  So I’m travelling to Newton-le-willows on Thursday to pick up my Dynacord Desk, and to see the new podium that Mikey (Startrax) has built for me.  Yep, there is no limitation on height of the venue now.  The ceiling height had to be a certain height before, but now we can cater for any venue.

The show that you can book for your event or wedding is going to be changing too.  There’ll be a basic package and then add ons with individual prices too, so you can make it as big, bold and beautiful as you like.


I am not sure that I have told you about my amazing genius tutor before, Dr Steven Jonson.  I loved this man with all my heart, he instilled passion in me for music, and pushed my skill beyond belief.  He made me believe in myself and showed me how good I could be.  Funnily enough we met when I was busking in Doncaster Town Centre, think I was only 14, with an acoustic violin and a ghetto blaster.  He said that he wanted to take me on as a student because “she could be incredible with the right training”.  So one Sunday per month my dad and I would get the train to london EMI Studios for 3-4hour tutor sessions.  I was beyond devastated when Steven moved to Thailand for work, and to be honest, half my passion left me, and my confidence.  I couldn’t find a tutor as good as him, not even close.  Well, I’ve tracked him down, and I am excited and pleased to say that he is back in the UK.  I begin my tutoring with him again in 2 weeks time.  I can’t wait.

Thursday night, James from ‘Who Needs Design Ltd’ is coming over for a meeting, and we are finally putting the plans together for the completely new renovated website.  There’s be something there for everyone so I’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can go for a nosey and tell me what you think

So it’s a busy week for me.  and next week is just as busy, if not busier.

Love to you all, I’m so excited about things to come.

Oooo before I forget, the busking tour should still go ahead, fingers crossed. AND, now that my new home is all set up, I am able to take on violin students, so if you’d like lessons, please get in touch 07702795925 or

Alexandra xxx


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