Wedding – Nicola & Andy Fry – 21st June 2014

I met Nicola & Andy 3 years ago at a Wedding Fair…I think it was Butterley Grange Mansion in Derbyshire.  It was a great wedding fair that one, all the girls got to go upstairs into the Versace suite and try on wedding dresses and have their photos taken, which I thought was amazing.

They saw me, and booked me a few weeks later in October 2011.  Lovely couple.  You know when people have a really gentle personality and are just really lovely?!  They got engaged on 21st June 2007, so there wedding was on the anniversary of their engagement.  I think Andy said that they have been together for 12 years now…I’m sure that’s what he said.

Anyway, the wedding was at Kenwood Hall in Sheffield.  I am NOT good at driving in Sheffield.  Put me in london any day but Sheffield is a whole other story.  So I set off at 10:30am (they weren’t getting married until 1:30pm).  That gave me 2 hours to make a 40 minute journey haha. (I like to arrive an hour before the wedding is due to begin).  Better to be safe than sorry hey.  I was set up and ready for 12noon, so, I thought I’d enjoy my lunch in the car and listen to the radio for a bit.  It was sweltering so I had my windows down, and heard a familiar voice.  I turned to look out of the window and who was stood there, but Karl Stancliffe (photographer), no way.  I think of Karl as a good friend, we’ve met through doing weddings and wedding fairs together.  He is an amazing wedding photographer and all around lovely guy.  So we had a mini catch up.
The hotel staff are so lovely, and Kenwood hall, wow, it is beautiful.  Big gardens with a lake at the bottom.  Sometimes when you go to a high class venue, the staff can be a bit, erm, well they kind of look down their nose at you, but the staff at Kenwood hall were so lovely, friendly, and down to earth.  I didn’t catch the ladies name who was the wedding coordinator but I had a lovely chat with her.

I nipped to the ladies to get changed into my dress.  As I went to unlock the door, panic hit me…i couldn’t unlock it.  I’m well known with my friends for getting locked in toilets haha.  Luckily I managed to unlock it, it didn’t take long.  It was just that initial panic haha.

The groom came to say hi.  “I was full of confidence this morning but I’m really nervous now.”  He said.  Nicola was a bit late (well, it IS traditional hehe).  It was a dress emergency, only the worst emergency that a girl can have on her wedding day.  The guests all looked gorgeous.  I love seeing all the dresses, shoes and fascinators.  As I played Pachelbels Kanon, Nicola’s mum walked her down the aisle.  How lovely.  Such an emotional moment.  She looked absolutely beautiful, and so did the bridesmaids.  The dresses were a lovely shade of blue.  Their hair was gorgeous too.  One of the bridesmaids had blonde hair but it looked like she’d had toner put on it recently, it was just a beautiful colour.  Wish it would suit me lol.  

As I was playing through the ceremony, I looked to the right, at the window.  You know when you can feel someone watching you, odd feeling. Anyway, there was a little girl with her face squashed up to the window, watching me play violin.  How cute.

There I am with my massive Hatinator – ha what a word.  Who called it that?!

Nicola and Andy look to have had an amazing evening too.

What an amazing day.  After the wedding I had to shoot back to Doncaster to prepare to perform for a Birthday Party.  Next blog 🙂



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