Rugby tackling a bride at todays Wedding at Oulton Hall, Leeds


Well today was a hell of a lot more interesting and exciting than yesterday!!!

As most of you know, I like to arrive super early before a wedding is due to start.  If a bride gets married at 1pm, I’ll arrive at 12noon, at the latest.  For some reason, I wanted to set off even earlier today.  I just had a ‘feeling’.  I always trust when I have a ‘feeling’, because I’m usually right, and if I’m wrong…well, that’s a relief.

I learnt well from Vicki Farr and managed to do my hair in a pretty side bun, not quite as smooth as hers, more of a messy side bun, but, it looked fancy, and for the amount of grips that went into it, it’s a good job there were no powerful magnets near by.  I drove through one of those car wash machines on my way to the wedding, as I’d given myself an hour and 30mins to get there, knowing that it would only take 40mins.  It didn’t do a very good job. I think that I’ll have to do it myself, with some good old elbow grease…or Billy’s 😀 haha.

On the way to weddings, or any journey actually, I usually speak to my dad on the phone.  He lives in Bristol now, so I don’t get to see him much.  On Tuesday we were on the phone for 2-3 hours.  Anyway, you’re wanting to know what drama happened haha.  I pulled up at Oulton Hall at 11:45am, in a fantastic mood as I had ages to get set up and even chance to play through some of the music.  Emma wasn’t due to get married until 1pm.  As I walked through (in my jeans, pumps and jumper), I saw the wedding co-ordinator.

“Hi, great to see you. I’m the violinist.”
“Wonderful, well, I’ll get the guests through in 10 minutes if that’s ok?”
“In 10mins? *smiling* that’s early.  She doesn’t get married until 1pm.”
“It’s a 12 o’clock wedding, who told you it was 1pm?”

At this point, a slight feeling of dread came over me, was I going to manage to be set up in time.?  The bride and groom had booked me in January, and I was astounded that the Wedding was at 12noon when I’d been told is was 1pm.  The groom was concerned, “Are you going to be able to do it?” He asked nervously.
“Of course,” I smiled, “Nothing is a problem,”

Bless him, he was so apologetic for not telling me that they had changed the time of the wedding.  “Don’t worry, out of all the people that you book for a wedding, and had to call to tell them, you were always going to forget one.  You’re just lucky that one person was me…I’m speedy and nothing is ever impossible,” I replied cheerfully.

A few years ago, mum timed me, setting up and packing up the equipment, to see how quickly I could do it.  My record time was 6mins.  It was just for fun.  Never did I think that I would have to put that skill into action haha.

Just as I had started to set up, frantically….the registra turned to me and asked if I could leave the room while she discussed the legal bit with the Groom.  In my head there was a little voice saying, ” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.  Of course, that’s the norm, and normally I wouldn’t mind, but I had been given no time at all to set up…and get changed and prettify myself.  But, I had no choice.  “Just 5 minutes,” she reassured.  I rushed off, through the ushers and the guests with my hat box, heels and dress and disappeared into the ladies toilets…clothes off, dress and hat on, in literally 30 seconds…no word of a lie.  I dashed out of the ladies and towards the ceremony room.  The ushers with their mouths open…”Wow, I’ve never seen a girl get changed so fast, that’s like, the fastest change in the world,” haha.  I must admit, the big hat/fascinator that I put on, really does make you look like you’ve spent forever getting ready haha.

The staff were fantastic, they trolleyed my equipment and baggage about for me, and as soon as I was set up, they whipped it away.  Just in time! Phew! I was ready, bang on 12noon.  That HAS to be a record.

I wasn’t annoyed. These things happen. But what I WILL say, is that, when this kind of thing DOES happen, you have to know that you are capable and good at your job.  It was very lucky that they hadn’t booked a service that really would have needed to have been there an hour before the bride was due to arrive.

My advice to brides and grooms is, to avoid this kind of situation from arising, have a spreadsheet, or a word document with a table, and every time that you book a company, enter their details into the table.  If for some reason you have to change venue, or time, this will act as your checklist, so that you know that every company has been told.

I wish that I had managed to get some photos from the wedding today, you would have loved to have seen the guests and the bride and groom.  It was a footballers wedding!  The girls looked perfect.  The bride was wearing the most beautiful Laboutins that I have ever seen.  I was slightly tempted to rugby tackle her for the shoes, but then it crossed my mind that she may not be a size 4, meaning risking my job for absolutely nothing haha.

The wedding ran absolutely perfectly, Emma’s wedding dress was to die for.  She looked beautiful.  And, there were so many bridesmaids, who all looked just perfect, with beautiful up-do’s and wonderful, long flowing dresses.  I love seeing all of the dresses, hats and shoes that people wear for weddings.  I’ll email Emma and ask if she can send me some wedding photos that I can reveal to you all.  EEP, such an exciting day.



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