Wedding Advice – How NOT to book a photographer

As you know, I attend hundreds of weddings per year, and I see brides who are happy, and unhappy with some of the services that they receive.  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be dishing out some wedding advice on different aspects of your wedding.

This is one day that can’t be relived, and if the photo’s are crap, well, there’s no going back…if the photos are amazing, well, you’ve got yourself one hell of a photographer.

Now there’s a difference between a photographer, and a photographer.  One is a professional who dedicates a full week to editing an album from one wedding, and the other, well, he’s just a guy with a camera who thinks that he knows what he is doing.  And boy can you tell the difference.

Having an incredible photographer is one of the most important things that you will book for a wedding.  Photo’s are one of the things that you will have forever to remember what an amazing day you all had.  The first thing that you may think when you see a wedding photographers prices is, “Flipping heck, that’s bloody expensive,” but what you need to know is that not only are you paying for their expertise and experience, and for them to spend a full day and evening with you on your wedding day…you’re also paying for them to sit at a computer for a full week or more after the wedding day to edit all of your photo’s to put into an album.  Usually an hour is spent per photo.

So here is some sound advice:-

1.  Never go on just a recommendation.  Make sure that you see the photographers portfolios of work that he has done

2.  Always shop around.  Photographers have their own individual styles, and ways of working.

3. Choose a photographer that you get along with easily and really like.  He or she will be spending your wedding day with you and your guests…he may even do a pre wedding shoot as part of the package.

4. Always ask them how long they spend editing the wedding photo’s for the album.  If you can have them by the night of the wedding or by the next day, keep on walking.

5. Here are a few photographers that you can have a nosey at…all true professionals, with lots of experience, who each spend at least a week editing one wedding album, who you can trust 100%, and are lovely people with fantastic artistry/photography skills:-

Have fun searching for your perfect photographer

Alexandra xxx


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