11pm and I’m blasting out ‘Greatest Day’…

11pm and I’m blasting out Greatest Day on my electric violin as a last minute little practise for tomorrows wedding.  I’m so excited about it.  It’s an RAF Wedding in Newark, and they’ve asked me to perform ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ by Emilie Sande and Labyrinth as one of their songs.  I didn’t have it when they asked me but it didn’t take me long to write it out.  AMAZING, it sounds AMAZING.

Today has been lovely.  My auntie gets married in York on Saturday so I’ve been preparing.  Usually for occasions I am prepared way in advance, outfit, hat, shoes, hair and makeup planned, EVERYTHING…this time I am so unprepared it is unreal.  Panic is not the word.  Spent 2 hours in The Girls Room this morning having my hair coloured by Kae, she does the BEST head massages, seriously I could just pay her to do that for 2 hours.  Then I ran over to Jaselle in the Frenchgate Centre (Doncaster).  I’d seen a dress in there that I fell in love with, and a massive, MASSIVE fascinator.  There was no time to try on as I had to get to Grimsby quickly for Samantha Lyann to top up my Nouveau lashes, so I went in, said, “How much is this dress?”…”Yep, I’ll have it.”….”To try on?” the lady asked…”No,” I smiled, “I’ll take it.”  The lady that served me used to work at Montage in Doncaster.  I bought most of my catwalk dresses from there, amazing, and then Tracey (the owner) moved to Spain.  Admittedly, I felt like crying when I found out haha.

Family or friend events always make me feel stressed, just the pressure to look classy and presentable.  My grandma always talks about how I’m always so well presented and have the best dresses haha so feeling the pressure a little.  A bright idea hit me while on the photo shoot, so I asked Vicki Farr if she was available on Saturday.  Luckily she can just squeeze me in for my hair and makeup at 7am (it’s a 10am wedding, I know, Flipping early haha).  The pressure is now off.  I have the dress, shoes and fascinator…and a genius to do my hair and makeup, which means I won’t be worried about it looking how I want it to.  I can literally roll out of bed, brush my teeth, have a shower and leave the rest to Vicki…*sigh of relief*.

So tonight I’ve been preparing for tomorrows wedding, an painting my toenails, no idea why, no one will see them haha.  I only have to pack for the weekend in York and I’m ready for the weekend.

Oooo how can I forget, I received the first photo this morning, from yesterdays photo shoot with Ally Byrom…here it is…


love you all…I’ll be posting photos from my aunties wedding after the weekend 🙂 can’t wait to see all the family, and some of my family are travelling from America 🙂



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  1. Jackie Connett ! I was a guest at Scott and Emma's wedding in Newark. says:

    You were fantastic, really enjoyed everything especially Ave Maria and Hallelujah, thankyou,

    1. thank you 🙂 I love those songs 🙂 so pleased that you enjoyed it x

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