Certainly an interesting day….well 2 days really

Many of you may have seen my story in Love It magazine a couple of weeks ago, many of you may have been reading my blogs last year about my traumatic time with the hospital and procedures.  well, yesterday I went back to the hospital for my 6 month smear to check that the cells aren’t growing back.  They talked me through everything that had happened and explained everything in detail.  There was so much that I hadn’t been told before.  It was a quick, painless task…I wore a floaty dress so that I could at least keep a bit of dignity haha.  I was so worried about it, well, not the actual smear, but the results. So I’ll be a bit nervous for the next 6 weeks until my results arrive.

Funeral today, a joyous occasion *sarcasm*.  I hate funerals, I’m natural such an emotional person, and when I see someone crying, it makes me cry.  Can you imagine…a room full of emotional people ARGH.  Over 200 guests, it wasn’t emotional at all really.  The moment that got me in the heart was when the coffin was being carried out and I looked up to see one of the ladies grandsons in absolute bits, god that killed me.  You know when you know someone just needs a massive cuddle.  Fighting the tears back at that moment as I played ‘Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) by Katherine Jenkins.  I played ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ by Sarah Mclaghlan as they brought the Coffin in, that sounds beautiful on violin.

There was almost a disaster.  Thank god I knew the father.  I arrived at the church (really posh church but because I’m about to tell you what happened, I’m not going to tell you the actual venue).  There was a lovely little lady, “Can I help you?” she whispered.  “Yes, I’m the violinist, I’ve been booked to play at the funeral.  Would you like me to be at the back or at the front of the church?” I asked.  There was a look of uncertainty on her face, but it wasn’t because she didn’t know where to put me. “Oh, I didn’t know anything about a violinist.”  There was a bit of cafufel (not sure how to spell that) as she nudged her husband. They asked me what I’d be playing and when I’d be playing. “I need to ask the father.” she said as she scuttled off.  I followed her.  As I approached the father I recognised him, “Hi father, wow I’ve not seen you in such a long time, how are you?”  I’d known him from playing at weddings for years, he’d been the father at so many churches…and thank god I did know him.  I explained to him what I was to play and when.  The little lady and the father exchanged a look.  You know, that look of pursed lips, slightly not knowing what to do and in deep thought, both thinking the same thing. “What shell we do father?” She quivered.  “What is the concern?” I asked.  Well, to my surprise, father explained that the church has a rule that they don’t have any other music other than the organ and it has to be purely religious.  “Di the family not ask your permission for me to play here?” I enquired.  “Yes, they did, but I’m afraid that I had to tell them that it was not possible because of the church rules.” He gently whispered.  “Oh, you’re joking, I can’t believe it.  They know they weren’t allowed but still booked me and paid regardless.  what do you suggest father?”  At this point I was thinking, oh god, if he says no, I have to tell the family, and it could ruin the funeral…it’s a funeral, it’s such a delicate situation…and if father says no, there’s nothing that I can do to resolve the situation or change his mind as it’s church rules.  Thankfully he said that because he knew me, he would make an exception….phew, RELIEF!!! Haha

After most of the guests left the church, a lady came to speak to me and said that she wanted to book me for her own funeral, and that she would call me.  Hmmm haha lovely that she’s so prepared.  She told me exactly what she wanted as well.  It felt strange discussing someones funeral arrangements with them, before, you know, well, she’s still here.  I can’t say that I have ever done that before haha.

Anyway, I have a meeting now, just waiting for them to arrive…at Clumber Park Hotel.  A great place for meetings.  There Cappuccino’s are gorgeous…though I’m strictly on herbal tea.  Healthy kick? I thinks so 🙂

Plenty more to tell you, but I’ll catch up with you soon xxx


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