I’m back busking again…


How I have missed busking.  I didn’t realise how much I missed it until last Saturday (12th April).  That’s right, I was back in Doncaster Town Centre (clock corner) performing for the shoppers and passers by.  I just wish that someone was there filming the whole thing, for the people that I met and the things that happened haha.




I was back again this Friday too, what an amazing day.  To check out the little video clips add me on facebook ‘alexandra parker violinist’ or check out my instagram page ‘femaleviolinist1’

Thank you to all the people who came and spoke o me who have been supporting me for years.  Town was full of life, as were the people.  I had the best time ever.

1488033_10152767314028047_1323042245850911314_n 10175000_10203587053616454_5698368426500731351_n 10171180_10152768358228047_7295466022611773246_n

Hopefully I’ll be out busking again soon 🙂 xxxxx


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