Ready for today…

Just sat here at home with my cuppa waiting to set off to todays wedding at Colwick Hall, so excited, I love it there.  I was thinking about the week ahead and realised that I go to Glasgow on Wednesday to see the Backstreet Boys haha totally slipped my mind.  And you know what’s amazing, because I paid for the whole trip last year, it feels like it’s free haha.  I have memories of dancing to the backstreet boys with my friends when I was little, I thought that’s what I’d end up doing you know, dancing…but the violin took over and i wouldn’t look back for another second.  

Life is such a whirl wind that sometimes you just have to sit back for a bit and think, god, my job really is amazing.  It’s not even a job really.  I’m at wedding fairs or on the phone chatting to one of my brides about her day, and I find myself getting overly excited…it’s not even my wedding haha.

Although I love my job, being self employed is hard work, and I don’t think people realise all the stuff that there is to do behind performing at weddings and events.  My brain never stops…even when I’m sleeping.  But I’m not complaining about it, I love being on the go 24/7.  It’s exciting and you never know what’s coming next.  My social life is sacrificed though. I don’t see my girl friends half as much as I’d like to, but they all understand.  It feels amazing when I finally see them.  Had two of my girlfriends over last night for a catch up *beams*

Anyway, I was supposed to be telling you about what I’m doing but got side tracked and fell into my own thoughts in my mind.

It’s mothers day tomorrow.  Don’t forget. OOO and the clocks go forwards tonight, don’t forget that either.  Are you doing anything different for mothers day?! I think me and mum are going to go for a leisurely walk.  We used to do that all of the time.  Once we set off, only in my village for a stroll and didn’t end up home for about 4hours, no idea how we managed that haha but god my legs hurt like hell the next day.  My mum will get some beautiful flowers 🙂 she loves flowers…lilies in particular. 

Monday and Tuesday are just businessy days for me in the office really, and chasing out to meetings. Wednesday…eeeeeee….2 nights away with my lovely Samantha Lyann to see the backstreet boys in Glasgow.  I know, it’s a long way to go…but we both work weekends in the wedding/entertainment and model industries and it was the only date we could both do…so why not, it’ll be an adventure.

Well, I’d best go and have some breakfast.  Love ya, talk to you soon xxx Oh before I forget, been planning my new website and drawing it all up, it’s going be a complete over haul, so I’ll let you know when you can check it out.  I’m so excited.

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