No 4. my diagnosis…

Many of you have been reading about my experience over the past year regarding smear testing.

If you’re not quite sure what has been going on…I’ll put some links at the bottom of this post to the blogs about it…yes, there’re lots to read haha

Well, I’m just awaiting my final biopsy results from the treatment to make sure all of the abnormal cells have gone, and I return in 6 months for another smear test.  My ultimate aim is to get something positive from this experience, and lower the age of smear testing, even if they only lower it to 23, it’s a start.  I found a petition that Take a Break magazine started, so rather than start a fresh one, I thought i’d promote this one.  They only need 663 more signatures.  Please take the time to sign this petition and send it around your friends and family.  This really could save lives

Thank you to all of you for your support.  it’s really helped me through

Lots of love
Alexandra xxx



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