Keeping up…

I really need to keep up with my blogging….amongst other things.  There’s so much mail, e-mail and so many phone calls coming in that I can hardly keep up with it all.  I can’t grumble really, but getting back to people is taking longer than I’d like.

Still, I am not supposed to be working yet, really, but I hate letting people down, so I am soldiering on, and doing my job…but when I’m not out doing my job, I’m trying my best to take it easy.  It has almost been 3 weeks now, and I feel soooo much better YAY

There’s quite a few blogs coming your way…

  • BMW is Launch
  • Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity Ball
  • HSBC Ball – Rotherham
  • Scunthorpe Rock Open Finals (judging)
  • What’s to come

Prepare for some serious blogging!!!


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