15th Nov – BMW i3 Launch…

Being the great friend that she is, Sam (hair and makeup artist) was worried about me going back to work so soon, so she offered to come with me, and also do my hair and makeup for the fabulous BMW i3 launch 🙂 With it being children in need, she was questioning whether or not we could go to work in our PJ’s, I mean, everyone else was, right?!Image

You can view the convo between me and BMW here haha

I had  pretty indecisive day haha I couldn’t decide what dress to wear for the background music part, and then I had to come up with an outfit quickly that would cover my dignity while I recover…So, this is what I came up with…
You were all very helpful in the choosing of the ball gown for the evening too 🙂 so thanks to all who helped and voted on Instagram and Facebook…this is the choice I had…
1471946_10152378957838047_1424629756_n 988756_10152378974458047_1315526377_n 1395430_10152378963703047_1361513851_n
The majority liked the sparkly blue mermaid dress, so thats the one I went with.

The launch was amazing.  I played background music for clients arriving, while then drank cocktails and had canape’s.  Michael Fish (drummer of BGT) was performing as well, he was amazing.  We are talking about doing a collaboration, which would be incredible, and a totally visually exciting show. So I’ll let you know what’s happening with that.  Later on in the evening I performed on the podium with the lasers, but because the BMW showrooms lights are on a rolling system, they couldn’t be turned down, so the impact was not so great, such a shame.

It had only been 8 days since I was rushed to hospital so I was still pretty weak, but managed to get through it with a smile on my face, no one would have known, until I got in the car afterwards haha.  Costa was my saviour.  Across the road is a 24hr Costa drive in, oh my life 🙂 we were straight there, and then McDonalds…it was good, it was sooo good.  I’m not one for fast food really, but it was just what I needed.

Here’re some photo’s from the night…

1395141_10152380128898047_21624431_n 1454722_10152380133458047_1750069242_n 1461811_10152379924053047_1032861869_n 1465247_10152379921403047_1468901838_n 1471748_10152379140868047_1938519610_n  sporting this hair style for the launch??? Thanks Sam haha IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0698 IMG_0699


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