“My mo gro fo sho”…

So you’ve all heard of the fantastic Electric Violinist Ben Lee right, from Fuse…the amazing duet?  Well, my good friend sent me a message the other day.  He’s raising money for charity, and it’s a great cause…come on, support him, throw some money his way, it will make his day…here’s the message that I received from him…Image

Ben Lee

Yo! My mo gro fo sho! #MOVEMBER

Dear friends,

I’m 2 weeks into my Movember adventure and have so far raised £285!

I’m reaching out to all of you to ask that you might support this worthy cause and to say THANK YOU to those that already have.

The highest sponsor by November 30th gets to say how I should shape my mo for a special Mo-Photo, dedicated to them

Every £1 helps, thank you in advance for your support.

Love Ben X

P.S. I’ll be posting photo updates on my mo-space (below).



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