The BMW i3 launch is upon us…

“The launch of the eagerly anticipated BMW i3 is upon us.

This Friday 15th November at 7pm at Sandal Huddersfield will see BMW launch the first specifically built electric vehicle, the BMW i3. Featuring a Carbon Fibre Shell and innovative new technology the BMW i3 is the future of mobility.

The launch is only one day away and places are limited. If you would like to register to attend the please click here or call our customer relations team on 01484 515515. ”

That’s right – tomorrow I go back to work, and what a way to start it all off again. I’ll be performing on the podium with the lasers and my team from Star Trax laser show will be with me, along with the amazing Michael Fish from Britains Got Talent!!!

You can watch his semi finals audition here…

Samantha Lyann my stylist will be joining me.

Can’t wait – but boy am I going to need my sleep afterwards



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