Well, yesterday was a difficult day…

Well, yesterday was a difficult day.  My coordination was awful.  I felt like I was walking wonky and standing up unaided was a struggle.  Such a shock to the system because I had been doing so well.  Suzy arrived just in time.  I was starting to get frustrated because I had attempted to pour cereal into a bowl but it was going everywhere, and then I couldn’t get the lids on two bottles for ages.  I was about to attempt to chop an onion and put the lamb in the slow cooker while propping myself up, when Suzy took the knife off me. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, I’ll do it,” bless her, she did everything for me.

It was really lovely to see her.  Such a good friend.  I worn out already when she arrived so as soon as she left I went to bed.  Napping is something I’ve been doing regularly, well, I say napping, I can’t really call it that.  They are reaaaaaaaally long naps haha.

I woke up feeling incredible weak, with a funny sensation in my arms and legs. They were freezing, and, erm, sort of, pins and needly without the tingly sensation and weak.  That’s the only way I can think to describe the feeling.  Mum served up a lamb dinner (iron rich) and I ate everything including seconds.  Determined to recover quickly.  Within 30mins, my arms and legs began to feel normal again.

Today has been much better, a much stronger day.  I tried to do a bit of work today but didn’t get far, I was knackered by 12noon, so, again, 1pm came and I went to bed.  I managed to get out today after my nap, only to the bank and Tesco.  Mum took me to costa and we sat and read the paper, well I couldn’t focus so I just looked at the pictures haha.  They have some yummy christmassy drinks in.  I had a white hot chocolate with cream and raspberry sauce.  Gold stars were sprinkled on top 🙂 very pretty, and certainly brightened my day.  Some good news also brightened my day 🙂 one of my closest friends is pregnant, I woke up to a scan picture on my phone hehe so excited for her, and her partner…and another one of my friends got engaged. Beaming!!!

I found something earlier today that my mum had given to me when I as going through a rough time earlier this year.  I really love it, it made me think.  In fact, it’s all I’ve been doing since I got rushed to hospital…

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  It will be a stronger day, and my last day of taking medication YAY

I’m sending love to one of my friends today.  He went into hospital with a burst appendix the day that I got out, and he had it removed.  We were going to make the nurses wheel each other across the hospital so we could be poorly together haha but I was discharged before we got chance.  I had a message early this morning saying that he was allowed to go home, but by late afternoon he had to go back in.  I’ve not heard from him since so I’m feeling anxious.  Really hope he is ok.  If I could drive I’d go and visit him

Health and happiness to you all, don’t forget, it always comes first



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