Benji’s Blog…Saturdays Photo shoot

I only met Alexandra once before the shoot, we managed to hit it off right away – which is great because then by shoot time (meeting for the second time) it just felt like I was shooting with someone I had known for years. The chemistry, the balance and the general banter was just pure and effortless.
After I met Alexandra (being the petite stunner that she is) I knew I had to work hard for the next week to cut my body and loose a bit of mass to not look over powering (I didn’t want it to look like King Kong and Fay Wray) – that just wouldn’t have worked well. So, I fasted intermittently for the week prior to the shoot and based my work out plan on cardio, fat burning, core, and gymnastics. This really helped.
Once on set, meeting Kevin and Sam for the first time was amazing. Sam didn’t wasted anytime getting me in her capable hands to make me look decent and Kevin was just full of energy and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Between the four of us, we were unstoppable – as you will see in the images coming your way.
With Kevin not only do you get a top notch photographer, but a personal trainer… He had Alexandra and I jogging on the spot and running around backward and forward into the shot. It was a technique I hadn’t experienced before… But it worked; and it was fun! Even though I had an injured ankle that now seems like it’s going to fall off… #CardioPoblems 
Sam was dedicated to making Alexandra and I look pretty; but not only that. Sam was also dedicated to taking sneaky, candid behind the scenes photos on her phone whist no on was looking. She was like a ninja with that phone.  Also, Sam came in very handy when we realised we didn’t have a fan to blow around Alexandra’s hair… She became a grade A “wafter” with a big sheet of plastic.. No one can waft, like Sam can waft. Now I think about it we could have used a hair dryer.
After the shoot it felt like no time had passed. By 6pm.. After dieting all week and not eating for the entire shoot, plus carrying out Kevin’s special Cardio work-out plan. it was time to go and eat a much deserved McDonalds.. 
As I said before. This “A Team” of a group was just impeccable together. From Make-up Artist, Photographer, to Models; the talent, energy, and perfection in that studio brought the house down. Defiantly something  more coming from this collaboration in the future. Enjoy the images.

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