Sun 20th Oct – 60th Birthday party

Yesterday morning I didn’t wake up until 11am.  I was absolutely wiped out after Saturdays mental day…still recovering after having the flu.  I really didn’t manage to do anything much, I just couldn’t get my brain to function haha.

I played for a 60th Birthday party at No.10 Bar in Lindley, Huddersfield last night.  It was a great night.  The bar is gorgeous, it’s classy, stylish, and sophisticated…and really rather cute.  It was absolutely rammed when I arrived, no one could move…there were easily over 100 people there, who couldn’t talk to each other because the music was so loud from the DJ.  I managed to squeeze through and get set up.

Nikki, the lovely lady who owns No.10 bar, told me to go up to her flat to get myself ready, rather than use the loo’s.  Her flat is just beautiful, you can’t even call it a flat, its pretty big.  So I put my dress on and touched up my make-up before heading down to perform.  A 40 minute performance, and then I got changed and had some drinks (non alcomafrolik) and chatted with some of the guests.  I had a lovely night.  it got to 8pm and then I decided to hit the road, my bed was calling me.  A lovely guy helped me carry my things to the car 🙂 that was nice.

When I got home, the makeup came off, the joggies went on and I did a legs and bum work out, and worked a bit too hard.  Haha I’m feeling it already, but I have a photo shoot on Saturday so must eat well, sleep well and exercise.  The sleep part isn’t really happening at the moment though.  You know when you have so much to do, that you’re mind is always thinking, and then you go to bed but you just can’t shut off…ye, well that’s where I am in life right now haha.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely knackered, my eyes feel so tired.  I have written a master to do list and then taken some out for my todays to do list.  I’m working my way through it.  Got a meeting tonight with Benji Taylor about our photo shoot on Saturday, to go through shoot notes and stuff.  I’m considering having a nap before I go haha…I really need it.


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