Wednesday – back to uni with a cloudy head

Well my alarm didn’t go off.  Had to set it for 5:50am to get mum up for work as we had a powercut tuesday night s her alarm will have been knocked off.  I woke up and though, well, you know when you’re eyes are closed but you can sort of tell what time of day it is by how dark or light it is haha or is that just me….well I though, it’s not dark enough to be 5:50am, but it’s too light to be 8am….eyes were open, ran to the clock, it was 10:30am, ran into mums room to check she wasn’t in bed haha…rang her “mum did you get to work on time?” haha honestly, paying part of the parent, what happened?!

Wednesdays I go to uni, Chesterfield College, 1:30pm-8:30pm, long days, those of you who know me will wonder how I manage to concentrate for that long haha.  well today my brain was cloudy due to being germed up with the virus, so the concentration, ye, not so good this day.  I planned to stay for as long as I could, that totally until 4:30pm.  I had dinner with the class (and talked gaming…there’s another surprise for you all).  On the way home I went to Tesco and bought GTA5 haha it’s amazing.  So went home, got in bed with a cuppa and played on GTA until about midnight…from 7:30pm.  Got to be honest, I’m better at the shooting than I am the driving, bit like in real life really haha.


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