Tuesday was a getting things done day…

Tuesday I woke up to a massive to do list.  Still with the flu, can’t get rid of this thing, I’ve tried all sorts of home remedies haha.

I headed to the french gate centre with my list…can’t remember why I went in there now, it wasn’t for shopping :/ I don’t think haha. Oh ye, I only went in there to go to get some gym equipment, ended up buying two pairs of shoes too.  Same pair as well, one in brown and one in black (it’s a girl thing).  I was walking past HMW and a Rastafarian man (that’s how he referred to his self) stopped me “Hi, what’s making YOU so happy today”….I must have been bouncing around with a massive smile on my face haha.  I was really happy.  I had to stop and think about it, why was I so happy?! Life is just really good at the moment, and if my plans work out, it’s going to get even better 🙂

The next person that stopped me was from a charity – I can’t remember which charity,  I did write it down but can’t find the piece of paper.  I can tell you all about it though.  They do some amazing work but need more funds (as charities do).   It’s to do with helping deaf children with their eduction.  You know what, I’ll find that piece of paper and then tell you.

I got a fair few jobs done and then headed home.  I was wiped out by the time I got back and still had loads to do.

One of my friends came over at night for a catch up.  Tea and biscuits (I sound so old).  Caught up on lots of gossip.  Had a power cut at about 11pm, in fact I think the whole of the isle of Axholme did (cluster of villages eg Belton, Doncaster, Westwoodside).  Mum was in bed and working the next morning so I had to put my alarm on for 5:50am to get her out of bed because the power will have knocked her alarm off.  Must have been up til 2am with my friend just talking haha incredible.

Busy day but productive 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jordan says:

    You can still be young and have tea and biscuits! 🙂 xx

    1. Haha true 🙂 whenever I go out to a bar and ask for a cuppa I get strange looks xx

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