Samantha’s Birthday – WARNING – Sexy content

HOW do I start this.  My word. THIS was an AMAZING day!!!!!!

Started with my work out – bum and legs today – Emma my personal trainer from Viva Fitness UK, gave me advice not to train with me being poorly, so I went steady, or at least I thought I had….reaaaaaaaally hurt today!

Well I think I need to show you all the cake that I make for her Birthday 🙂 I have to say, I was pretty impressed with myself haha.
Being a single girl, I decided that she needed an amazing birthday treat.  She took me to see the dream boys earlier in the year, and although I couldn’t get them over (I tried, I really did haha) I sent myself on a mission for the day…to get as many photo’s of guys holding a sign saying, “Happy Birthday Sam x”, as possible and put them into a video for her.  Now, a lot of them have no tops on haha and some went a bit further than that, to my surprise…(just to note, I was not with them, they sent me the photos for samantha), so for my own safety I cannot put the video on youtube, as much as I would love to haha.  Though I can put one photo n here, I suppose, just for you girls 😉 I wouldn’t be abiding my my sisterly duties otherwise would I?! :p I succeeded, I received 25 photos…so thank you to the boys who took part.  Sam died with amazement on the spot when she saw the video haha.  Here you go girls….ok so there’s more than one for you haha…

Sam and I drove into Bawtry for some drinks…non alcomofrolick for me (yes that’s a word haha)…roof down for the birthday girl 🙂 music on…downloaded Rihanna’s new album, I love it…go have a listen.
We started the night in Zini’s.  The food in there is amazing, but we stuck to drinks and had a really good chin wag.  There were some guys on the table next to us with Australian accents, and I remembered that it’s the Rugby World Cup and they were over playing at Keepmoat this Sunday and are staying at my friends hotel.  Me and Sam went across the road to Jinja Tree for some more drinks, and as we were walking down the street there were bra’s made into chains and strung up all down the little street haha, we didn’t even notice until someone told us.  We walked in, and there was Paul Ruckledge who DJ’s at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry, “What are you doing behind the bar Mr Ruckledge?”  Drinks on the house all night, amazing.  So we’re stood at the bar and in walk 3 REALLY TALL Australian Rugby Players.  Sams face was a picture! They asked us if we wanted drinks and invited us to sit with them.  Had a right laugh, what a lovely group of guys.  Never have a felt like a dwarf until last night haha, I had heels on as well but they didn’t do much for me.  We showed them the video that I made for Sam and asked if they’d be part of it, well before I could even blink, 2 of them had their tops off…. (left is Tyrone, right is Sam….Dylan wasn’t playing haha)
Managed to squeeze 3 of them into the back of my car (did NOT kidnap them) haha we went into Doncaster.  Managed to track down Carl, my body guard, who was working last night, so he looked after us the whole night.  Me and Sam, Tyrone, Dylan and man Sam walked into the club and there were about 20-30 lads there from the rugby team haha, so we partied with them and danced until the early hours (alcohol free ofcourse).  They’ve invited us back to hang out later but I have so much to do and plans tonight but will keep in touch with them.  Tyrone was really sweet, one of my favourites 🙂 and Dylan was hilarious, never met anyone so funny in my life haha.

I hope I haven’t missed anything out…I bet I have missed some fantastic bits out, I’m sure more will come to me throughout the day.

Busy day today xxx Love to you all

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