12th October – The Pink Link Event

This weekend has been crazily busy.  The Pink Link Ball on Saturday was from 12noon-midnight, so we had to get there early to set up.  Still full of flu (not man flu, the actual flu), I was up and ready to leave at 8am.  


Mikey (My light * sound engineer) arrived at 9am to pack my PA system into his van (I sold mine and bought a beauty of a car), and then we hit the road.  My good friend DJ Emmo met us at Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield to help Mikey get the gear and in and set up.  You can see by the photo he posted on my facebook time line that he was ready for work early in the morning haha…

The room looked amazing.  Everything was pink.  I headed straight to my dressing room to get ready while the boys set up.

At 1pm I was stood on the podium, my dancers poised on the dance floor ready to perform for the guests as they took their seats in the ball room.  I performed for 30mins with the lasers and it really could NOT have gone any better.  As soon as I came off stage I went for a lay down in the dressing room before getting changed and mingling with the guests.  I wasn’t performing again until 8pm.  Mandy and Andrew Taylor were there (I played at Mandy’s surprise wedding at xmas), then there was Chris Chambers who owns Spring Partners Ltd, and Katy the wedding coordinator from the Wakefield Cedar Court Hotel…plenty of friendly faces.  

Things got a bit crazy when the singing waiters started haha it was incredible…here’re some photo’s because I just can’t describe what happened in the room…

I was stood next to the speaker the whole 20 minutes…

Things calmed down a bit ready for the auction which was incredible.  Mandy Taylor lead the auction and managed to raise £23k for charity.  In the 12 hours that the event was in action, £34,500 was raised. WOW.  Which means, the grand total that The Pink Link raised was……. £182,000!!!

Now it was time for me to prepare for my next performance of the evening – laser manipulation.  Oh my god, it felt amazing, I only wished we had filmed it.  Here are some pics that Mikey took…

I was absolutely wiped out when I came off stage for the last time but pumped with adrenaline, such a strange feeling haha.  I spent another 30mins mixing with the guests while my friends son Sam came with his friend to help Mikey pack up.  That was an absolute godsend!  I had booked to stay at the Wakefield Cedar Court Hotel as Sunday I was to exhibit at a wedding fair with Brides up North at Nostell Priory.  On the way I stopped at a Tesco express, bought 2 carrier bags of munchies and headed to my hotel room.
I took a fur throw and a hot water bottle with me 🙂 which was much needed.  Love taking home comforts with me when I stay away.  I usually need a hot water bottle to be able to get to sleep – in fact, I have 2 every night at home.

Here are some more photo’s of the event….




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