Another shoot for FACE-ON Magazine

Me and Sam (Samantha Lyann) are just on the way back from Brighton, 3hours and 8mins to go (when I started typing this blog).  I have some excess energy that I need to burn off.  Because I’ve been on a photo shoot all day I haven’t had chance to eat, so when we stopped off at the first services, I ate a McChicken Sandwich (with extra mayo ALWAYS), half a big bar of Galaxy Caramel (YUM) and a cappuccino.  The hyperactivity did NOT take long to kick in, I repeat the hyperactivity did NOT take long to kick in!!! So rather than annoy the hell out of Sam while she drives, I thought I’d annoy the hell out of you instead haha, ahem, i mean, write some blogs.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 00.41.11

I was still in my pj’s when Sam turned up, sleepy with a coffee in hand.  You know those days when you are so tired that you can’t even be bothered to drag yourself off the sofa to make a cuppa? Well I couldn’t make myself get ready, it just wasn’t happening.  2:30am I had gone to sleep.  I’d been performing the night before (that blog will come next), and was buzzing so much when I got home that I couldn’t sleep.  It was 11:30am when we eventually set off to Brighton.  Sam said that she would drive because I looked like I was dying haha.  She’s already got in the car while I got the last few bits together that I needed.  As I approached the car, I got drenched by Sam activating her window washers, I screamed from shock of the cold water haha yep I actually screamed.  She wasn’t paying attention when she did it and we both literally rolled around laughing haha.  And that’s when we knew, it was going to be one of those days…


We caught up on each others gossip (there’s always plenty of that), lots of funny stories, which are too rude to print haha.  We made up our own car games which kept us giggling (nothing new there).  I am now proud to say that I am great friends with the legendary John Farrar, who Sam has always admired and wanted to work with, so as a surprised for her, I arranged to meet him for a coffee.  When she saw my facebook post about it I received a text from her saying, “OMG Are we really???”  hehe.  Anyway 🙂 result, because John loves her and wants us to come down again for a shoot.

We did tweet Peter Andre when we arrived in Brighton…he didn’t reply, surprisingly haha

twitter to andre


I was craving a hawaiin pizza when John left.  Everytime I come down for a shoot he buys me one from Dial-a-pizza on Portland street, or is it Portland road?! Anyway they are gorgeous pizza’s.  As knackered as we were, Sam and I had to venture out onto the pier.  We had a stroll down the pier (which is really long by the way), and I was disappointed to see the fair ground rides at the end were closed 😦 the arcades were a must (even though we are mid 20’s haha) and low and behold we discovered a dance mat (I keep wanting to call it a dance machine but I’m not sure what we used to call them).


Dancing on the pier was fun, and rather romantic haha, although it was freezing haha.  We toddled off back to the Thistle hotel to get ready for bed and order the pizza I had been craving. I ordered a 12″ Hawaiian just for myself, and sam had BBQ chicken – and yes I ate it all, honestly no idea how, it must have been reaaaaaaaally good.

We had a slight disaster when taking our makeup off for bed…well, I forgot eye makeup remover, so I thought I would just use cotton wool pads and warm water.  Instead of removing the mascara, it smudged it all around my eyes, got darker and would NOT budge.   I went into the room, “Sam haha i don’t know what to do, i can’t get it off,” she handed me a gentle exfoliator, which of course went in my eyes, stung like hell and left me with bright red bloodshot eyes haha, which I hoped would go in the morning.  Then it was Sams turn, she came out of the bathroom with darker and bigger smudges of mascara around her eyes and all down her face, and it was like glue haha, I fell off the bed I was laughing so hard.  I do have a photo of this but it wouldn’t be fair to post it haha as it is of Sam, I’ll ask her if I can.  We managed to sort it in the end, and looked like a right pair with bright red bloodshot eyes. Then it was bed time….


Even though we were asleep, the giggle moments didn’t stop.  This morning we woke up, and Sam said to me, “You scared the complete sh*t outta me last night,” and she went on to tell me what happened….

Me – *Sits up and screams* “DON’T JUMP
Sam; *Startled* I woooooon’t
Me – *sighs* aaaaw that’s alright then *lays back down, rolls over and continues sleeping*

Haha we had a right giggle about it all day, and throughout the day we’ve been randomly re enacting it.  The way Sam tells it is hilarious.

We went down for breakfast and then made our way to Stanmer House for the photo shoot for FACE-ON Magazine with photographer Roger charles, stylist Lisa Fifer and hair and makeup artist Sarah Rumsey.   There’s only so much that I can say about the shoot because we have been sworn to secrecy.  Nothing must be leaked before the photo’s are published. SHHHHHH.  All I can tell you is that the outfits looked amazing, and I was in hair and makeup for over 3 hours before we even started shooting, what a work of art it was.

6pm came and we just finished and hit the road back up north.  Having not really eaten all day, a stop at the services was a must.  I have been craving really bad food all week, and tonight was no exception.  McDonalds was calling me.  I generally don’t eat fast food…so, erm, ye, I was pretty hyperactive afterwards.  All of a sudden this massive burst of energy hit me and I was fidgeting, singing and car dancing! NOT cool haha.  I said to Sam, you’re going to have to pull up at the next services so I can have a run around the car park for 10mins or so to get rid of some of this energy.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 01.11.40

This moment was filmed haha – as soon as Sam sends it to me, it will be going on youtube and then it will be posted on my blog.  We fell about laughing at the video haha.  To make the journey a bit more fun, we attempted to be rappers, and realised that, those kids that are embarrassed when adults try to sing and dance…ye, we’re those adults haha.

Anyway, I am home, in bed and zonked.  Here are a couple more photos of the trip…night xxx


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