VIP performance for Huddersfield Town FC

Saturday was amazing.  I was booked last minute to perform for the VIP’s at Huddersfield Town Football club, and found out that I actually knew a few of the people attending, which is always great to know you’ll bump into someone that you know.

I arrived very early (seems to be my thing at the minute), 11:20am, and I wasn’t due to start until about 1pm.  I pulled up outside the doors and met two of the players 🙂 that was nice, and then went in to be greeted by Mandy Taylor, who you will hear me refer to as Mrs T.  If you look back over my blogs you will see that I played at her wedding at Christmas as a surprise…and that we are really good friends.

I received VIP parking with the CEO’s and Directors of the football club, thank you very much 🙂 haha


I headed up to the Partner Suite to be briefed on the clientele and to meet the Directors…and ofcourse to set up.

I met some really prestigious people, who were all so lovely and down to earth.  There’s talk of me performing at some seriously high profile events in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll let you know the goss 🙂 I was booked form 1pm-3pm to play a few 15-20min sets in between circulating with the VIP’s.  I love that part of my job, the mixing with guests/clients and getting to chat to them.

There were some photo’s tweeted by other people while I was at the event… they are:-

vip day1 vip2 vip3 vip4


Chat soon…love ya xxx


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