25.8.13 Lucy & Craig Schofield


The weather was beautiful on Sunday.  I arrived at Barnby Dunn church at 11:15am…I usually set up an hour before the bride’s due (12:30pm).  I walked into the church and there were loads of old people drinking tea and coffee…slight panic took place at this point haha.  I went back out to my van to make enquiries when I saw two photographers approaching.  I ask if they were here for Lucy Allots wedding, they were PHEW!!!  Turns out that there was the morning church service but those people weren’t being kicked out until 12noon EEP 30mins before the bride is due? wooo that is cutting it a bit.  I am usually playing for guests arriving at the church by then.  Honestly, I can say that I had a record breaking setting up time this particular day haha.

I was sat at the front of the church facing the guests but was really close to the front row, so I could hear what was being said *cheeky grin*.  I hear all sorts at weddings haha.  There were some older ladies sat on the front row, had a little chin wag with them earlier on 🙂 Lucy was 20mins late, obviously showing Craig who’s boss before they tie the knott hehe, he did look a little worried, I said “Don’t worry, she’s just keeping you on your toes” haha.

Oh my lord, she looked out of this world stunning, as if he had stepped out of hollywood, and so did the bridesmaids.  Everything was perfect. Everything!!! The whole ceremony was beautiful, and of course there were tears.  Lucy’s mum walked her down the aisle as I played Pachelbels Kanon, and gave her away which was so lovely.  Unfortunately Lucy lost her dad, and before the ceremony, she lit a candle with her mum in memory of him.  That was so lovely. A tear (or 2 or 3) appeared in my eyes.

Lucy and Craig chose Ave Maria and air on a G String for the signing of the registers which sounded beautiful in the church.  I love the acoustics in a church, it makes a piece of music sound so haunting.  When I finished playing for the register signing, a lady at the front leant over to me and said, “You have some good biceps don’t you?!” Haha.

I then made my way to Wentbridge House Hotel for the reception.  The weather was so beautiful and the wind was low, so I was able to play outside 🙂 At either side of the entrance, outside, there were two ornate cream cages with a white dove in each, which looked gorgeous.  Lucy and Craig released some doves as well which I love at a wedding.

I managed to give Lucy a hug and kiss before she went in for the meal, and have a little chat with her.  I am so pleased that she had such an amazing day, I know that she was worrying about it on approach and not sleeping well.  To look at her, you would have no idea, she looked flawless.  Lucy and Craig only booked me on October 2012 but I have got to know them so well, and know that they are so perfect together.

Love them both 🙂



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