no.2 my diagnosis…

On july 14th I opened up about my experience regarding smear testing in under 25’s…just to jog your memory, have a quick look at the blog on this link below…

i Promised that I would let you know the results.  After about 9 months I finally managed to get referred to Gynaecology for a smear test and scans.  The results have shown that I have a cyst on one of my ovaries and I do have abnormal cells.  I have to go for another scan to see if the cyst has gone and a colposcopy which does not sound fun lol.  There are more women than we think that go through this process.

I can only tell you how I feel about the whole situation, and that is disappointment.  I’m disappointed that it has taken so long to get a smear test, when I had obvious issues, and still feel passionate after reading many upsetting articles about how girls under 25 have been affected by this rule in such a negative way.

I am going to campaign, when things calm down a bit, and I hope that you will all join me.

Lots of love xxx


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