17.8.13 Holly & Anthony Brough

Holly and Anthony booked me in January 2012 for their wedding at Brodsworth Church and the Reception at Wentbridge House Hotel, so I had plenty of time to get to know them 🙂

The approach to Brodsworth Church is absolutely beautiful on its own little private estate.  I arrived super early as I had not been to that particular church for a while, and I like to arrive in plenty of time anyway (an hour before the wedding commences).  The guests arrived rather early which is always lovely, as it gives me chance to say hi and get acquainted before charming them with music.

I love it when a couple have their wedding video’d, I think it is so lovely to be able to experience that moment again over the years.  I wish I had got the name of the company who video’d this wedding, he was a lovely man, traditionally a pianist for weddings 🙂 haha he said he was relieved to be videoing a wedding instead haha.  There is actually a fair amount of pressure when performing music for a wedding as it only happens once, so it has to be perfect and emotional.

Holly arrived at the church…I could see her waiting at the door and gave her a wink.  As she walked down the aisle I played Pachelbels Kanon, and as I looked up I saw a few tears, which made me well up.  It feels so special to be able to add to that happiness in someone.  She looked absolutely stunning.  Her dress came from Knightsbridge in London…beautiful.

The weather just held out for them 🙂 thank fully.  I played at Wentbridge House Hotel for the Drinks Reception, and there was the cutest little girls dancing though out with their mums.

I had a wonderful day, and I know that Holly and Anthony did too

There are some photo’s below from their day 🙂

Alexandra xxx




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